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    Posted on Jun 22, 2017

    Just 17 Award-Winning Pictures Of Very Good Dogs

    I hope all of these dogs got extra treats and belly rubs.

    For the past 12 years, The Kennel Club of the U.K. has held a Dog Photographer of the Year* competition. They announced their latest crop of winners this week, and they're all pretty amazing. Here are some of the best ones:

    *Sadly, the photographers are humans, not dogs.

    1. This relaxed pupper who has eyes that are basically impossible to say no to.

    Maria Davison

    This photo by Maria Davison was selected as the overall winner.

    2. This very helpful doggo who helps military veterans with dementia.

    Alasdair Macleod

    3. This little gal who just wants to boop all the flowers.

    Rodrigo Capuski

    4. This shepherd who takes his job very seriously!!!

    Peter Steffensen

    5. This Wheaten Terrier who does a splash extremely well.

    Kaylee Greer

    6. Oh my God, won't someone give this bloodhound some water and a yummy treat?

    Dylan Jenkins

    7. This loyal rescue dog who never leaves his owner's side.

    John Ferrett

    8. This puppy boxer who is A VERY GOOD PUPPER.

    Mirjam Schreurs

    9. This dog who's feelin' juuust fine in the sunshine.

    Kaylee Greer

    10. This pointer who's literally ready to pounce.

    Sarah Caldecott

    11. These happy friends, just keeping an eye on things from the trunk.

    Lucy Charman

    12. This little guy who you may not notice at first because he's totally camouflaged in the leaves.

    Noel Peter Bennett

    13. This Afghan hound who demands a modeling contract, ASAP.

    Anastasia Vetkovskaya

    14. Ok, so does this one. Modeling contracts for all!

    Tracy Kirby

    15. This living, breathing definition of man's best friend.

    Annemarie King

    16. This dog who loves to do a frolic in the snow.

    Julian Gottfried

    17. And guy, who maybe had a little too much fun in the sand.

    Summer Clark

    To learn more about all of the winners, visit The Kennel Club's website.

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