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Here's Exactly What You Should Keep Around In Case Disaster Strikes

A shopping list for the (almost) apocalypse.

It's unpredictable trash fire of a world out there, and a lot of people are hardcore prepping for the end — which can be very overwhelming if you're just ~casually~ concerned.

There's a lot of information out there, so I talked to Irwin Redlener, an emergency preparedness expert, to find out the basics that all adults should have in their home, just in case.

1. A battery- or crank-operated radio.

2. Spare batteries.

3. A variety of protein-packed, non-perishable food.

4. At least three days' worth of water.

5. A box of N95 face masks.

6. A solar-powered phone charger.

7. Lots and lots of Purell.

8. Copies of all important personal documents — and something to store them in — in case you need to leave your home.

9. A stockpile of any medications you may need.

10. Waterproof tape.

11. A backup generator, if you live in a suburban or rural area.

12. A toolbox filled with some basic tools.

13. A First Aid book.

14. Anything someone who depends on you — like a baby or a sick relative — might need.

15. And don't forget about your pets!

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