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    Just 16 Helpful Tips If You're Cooking For One

    From people who live alone and have been cooking for one for years.

    Cooking for one sounds simple in theory, but somehow, making food for just you is a lot more complicated than cooking for a group.

    We're two people who live/cook alone and have been doing it for years. Here are some our favorite tried and true tips:

    1. Make frozen fruits and vegetables your BFFs.

    2. Give frozen protein a try.

    3. And know what other foods you can freeze.

    4. Befriend the humble potato (or sweet potato).

    5. Check the to-go cold beverage section of the grocery store for smaller portions of milk and orange juice.

    6. Buy half of a rotisserie chicken instead of a whole one if you can.

    7. Cook dishes that will hold up well so you can make the most of leftovers.

    8. Come up with a system for portion control.

    9. Look for recipes that have a built-in serving size converter.

    10. And if you’re in the habit of splitting recipes, learn how to split an egg.

    11. Be strategic about buying in bulk.

    12. Don't shy away from canned foods.

    13. When in doubt, go for a one-pot recipe.

    14. Buy a mini crockpot.

    15. And get yourself a teeny lil' frying pan.

    16. And invest in some versatile, meal-enhancing toppings.