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I Drink Rosé All Damn Year Long, And You Should Too

Rosé all day? More like rosé all year.

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2. If you believe what Big Wine is trying to tell you, you probably think that rosé is a summer drink that, like white clothing, should not be seen before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.


3. But I'm here to tell you that it's time to free yourself from the tyranny of the "summer is rosé season" myth, because guess what, fellow winos? ALL YEAR IS ROSÉ SEASON.

4. For starters, rosé is fucking delicious. It's like drinking the nectar of a yummy, juicy, not-too-sweet fruit that refreshes you and makes you feel ready to dance like an air dancer.

5. It's not even like rosé is only best paired with summer foods. How do I know this? Because Julia Child herself once said "rosé can be served with anything." Julia. Motherfucking. Child.


9. Plus, even the cheap AF bottles are pretty good. Can you say the same for Moscato? I don't think so.


It's so accessible! You don't even have to know a lot about wine to appreciate it. In fact, rose is relatively inexpensive to make, so paying more than $15 or so for a bottle is kind of a scam. Either way, cheap is always in style, no matter the season.

10. Next up: Rosé is, without a doubt, the prettiest wine you could ever want to grace the skin of your lips.

Don't give me crap about how it's just "millennial pink," because, let's be real, millennial pink is SO NICE TO LOOK AT. Who cares that it's gotten lumped in with a widely derided generation of Americans?!?!!?


15. "But Terri," you're thinking, "rosé is served chilled, so it's obviously a warm-weather wine." To that I say, "So do you not drink any white wine when it gets cool out?"

16. Sure, limiting your rosé intake to one season a year makes it feel special, but you know what's even more special? Drinking whatever you damn well want all the livelong year.


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