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    These Groomsmen Saved A Bride From Getting Rained On During Her Wedding Ceremony

    If this isn't wedding magic, I don't know what is.

    Diana and Marcus Joseph knew there was going to be some rain on their May 20 wedding day in Commerce, Georgia.

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    "The forecast was switching between rainy and partly cloudy for the day," Diana told BuzzFeed. "We were a bit worried but we figured the important thing is that we were going to get married regardless."

    When that forecast turned out to be a complete downpour, Marcus's groomsmen sprung into action and created an unforgettable moment — they grabbed umbrellas and totally covered Diana so she could make it down the aisle as dry as possible.

    Craig Obrist Photography / Via

    They had waited a half an hour past their ceremony start time of 5 p.m. to let the rain pass, and when it didn't, "a couple of the groomsmen suggested they walk the bridesmaids down and then come back and get me to cover me and so that they could hold my dress so it wouldn’t get wet because by that time it was pouring," Diana said.

    If this isn't wedding magic, I don't know what is!

    Diana said her dress remained 90% dry, thanks to the groomsmen and their umbrellas, and that the rest of their wedding went off without a hitch.

    Craig Obrist Photography / Via

    "We were viewing the rain as a blessing," she said. "We thought it was the most amazing thing seeing how our groomsmen were able to cover me."

    The bar for all wedding parties has officially been raised!

    Craig Obrist Photography / Via

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