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    17 Wedding Cakes That You Thought Only Existed In Your Dreams

    You won't even want to smash them in someone's face.

    Katrin Davis / BuzzFeed

    1. This springy cake covered in edible wildflowers.

    Kat Hill / Via Instagram: @kat_hill_photo

    Created by Bee's Bakery.

    2. This awesome cake that legit looks like a real succulent terrarium.

    Ivenoven / Via

    Created by Ivenoven.

    3. This ridiculously intricate Lego cake.

    4. This brushstroke cake that looks like a work of art.

    Kalabasa / Via

    Created by Kalabasa.

    5. This mirror glaze cake that's so soothing to look at.

    Ksenia Penkina / Via

    Created by Ksenia Penkina.

    6. This futuristic-looking cake with mesmerizing ombré colors.

    Tortik Annushka / Via

    Created by Tortik Annushka.

    7. This rustic cake hanging from a swing.

    City Savvy Imaging / Via

    Created by Alliance Bakery.

    8. And this cake that's just hanging upside-down!

    Sarah Beth Photography / Via

    9. This alluring all-black masterpiece of a cake.

    Desserts by Dana / Via

    Created by Desserts by Dana.

    10. This constellation-themed cake that's truly out of this world.

    Soul Cake / Via

    Created by Soul Cake.

    11. This rustic cake that's literally dripping in gold.

    Midnight Sun / Via

    Created by Midnight Sun Cakery.

    12. This optical illusion that actually glows in the dark.

    Avalon Cakes / Via

    Created by Avalon Cakes.

    13. This woodsy one-tier cake with a fern-tastic detail.

    D'Arcy Benincosa / Via

    Created by The Cake Cafe.

    14. This truly lovely little cake with hand-painted flowers and a monogram.

    Juniper Cakery / Via

    Created by Juniper Cakery.

    15. This fig-themed cake with lots of mini cakes underneath so that no one has to share a slice.

    Cakes by Wade / Via

    Created by Cakes by Wade.

    16. This cake that features pictures of newlyweds that worth way more than a thousand words.

    Bijoo Cake Gallery / Via Instagram: @bijoo_cakegallery

    Created by Bijoo Cake Gallery.

    17. And this dreamy iridescent cake that's like childhood pastels all grown up.

    Heather Nan Photo / Via

    Created by Flour & Flourish.

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