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45 Presents All Girls Between The Ages Of 22-29 Desperately Wanted

There was nothing better than a Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette.

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1. A Playmobil Victorian House:

Literally the ultimate dollhouse. It came tricked out with little doll people, three floors of rooms to decorate, curtains, and those fun little window flower boxes.


8. Oily and fuzzy stickers for your sticker book:

12. Cupcake Dolls:


18. A Skip-It:

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A great way to burn off a sugar high, in retrospect.

20. Gelly Rolls pens and some black paper to write on:

21. Caboodles:


24. A Baby Born:

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It cries, it pees, it does everything a real baby does! Lovely.

32. A My Size Barbie:

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As disturbing as it was fun.

36. A Bop It:

45. And, of course, either one of these bad boys:


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