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45 Presents All Girls Between The Ages Of 22-29 Desperately Wanted

There was nothing better than a Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette.

1. A Playmobil Victorian House:

Literally the ultimate dollhouse. It came tricked out with little doll people, three floors of rooms to decorate, curtains, and those fun little window flower boxes.

2. A Talkgirl:

Kevin McCallister and fellow boys had their Talkboys, but girls had this sick pink and purple version.

3. This exact Easy-Bake Oven:

And all of the treats a lightbulb could cook!

4. A Samantha American Girl Doll:

Forget all the other American Girl dolls. Samantha, with her fur muff and perfect half-ponytail, was the alpha.

5. And a life-sized outfit to match:

All the better if you were allowed to order it from the catalogue.

6. A Darice Deluxe Art Set:

The most fun a briefcase could possibly be.

7. A Lava Lamp:

The coolest light source, as long as you didn't mind waiting 20 minutes for it to heat up.

8. Oily and fuzzy stickers for your sticker book:

9. The Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

All Beanie Babies were desirable, but this one was the gold standard. And don't forget the tag protector!

10. A Totally Hair Barbie:

Totally Hair Barbie's hair was so long that it made you want to cut it — and you probably did at some point, tbh.

11. A Tamagotchi:

It taught you everything you needed to know about owning a pet, especially that you can't neglect it for days on end.

12. Cupcake Dolls:

Flickr: sezzalicious,

A doll that popped out of a cupcake! It also smelled like a cupcake, in a weird, plastic-y kind of way.

13. Sky Dancers:

These babies had foam wings that let them fly for about two seconds before plummeting to the ground. They caused more than 100 injuries and got their own TV show!

14. A Little Tikes Vanity:

All pink and plastic, all good.

15. Razor scooter:

Twitter: @weare90skids

Revolutionizing personal transportation, one rubber wheel and kickstand at a time.

16. A Furby:

Why did anyone want this? What were we thinking?

17. Some blow-up furniture:

Great, until it sprung a leak.

18. A Skip-It:

View this video on YouTube

A great way to burn off a sugar high, in retrospect.

19. A Polly Pocket:

Arguably the only thing better than having a Barbie.

20. Gelly Rolls pens and some black paper to write on:,

Milky pens were also a solid choice.

21. Caboodles:

Organization has never been so fun.

22. Treasure Trolls:

That little jeweled belly button was the key to toy perfection.

23. A Tickle Me Elmo:

How our parents didn't end us for wanting these, I'll never know.

24. A Baby Born:

View this video on YouTube

It cries, it pees, it does everything a real baby does! Lovely.

25. A see-through phone:

TeChNoLoGy Is CoOl.

26. A Pocket Locker:

Perfect for all young ladies who cheer at finding new organizing apps now.

27. A Puppy Surprise:

Extra points if you had a mom who would open all the Puppy Surprises in the store to find the one with five puppies.

28. Pretty Pretty Princess:

Dress up and a board game? The dream.

29. Mall Madness:

It even had fake credit cards!

30. My Little Ponies:

Before all the bronies found out about them.

31. Cabbage Patch Dolls:

Were these always so creepy?

32. A My Size Barbie:

View this video on YouTube

As disturbing as it was fun.

33. A ton of Pogs:

Particular slammers and/or a tube to hold your collection.

34. Literally anything by Lisa Frank:

35. A Kid Sister:

So much better than having a living sister!

36. A Bop It:

The ultimate party game.

37. A Little Tikes playhouse:

Smaller than your room, and yet oh-so desirable.

38. Hit Clips:

Because full versions of songs are overrated, anyway.

39. A Baby G watch:

The bulkier the better.

40. A Baby All Gone:

The stuff of nightmares.

41. Dream Phone:

Almost as thrilling as calling your real crush.

42. A pair of Fisher Price Roller Skates:

You could wear them with your sneakers!

43. Quints:

So many accessories, so little time.

44. A Gameboy Color:

A total gamechanger.

45. And, of course, either one of these bad boys:

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