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17 Kinda Trippy Nature Photos That'll Calm You TF Down

Thank you, fractals, for chilling us all out.

If you've ever felt truly calmed and relaxed by nature, it's partially because of a magical thing called fractals.

Fractals are (somewhat) hidden mathematical patterns and angles that show up again and again in different sizes. They show up throughout nature — in clouds, coastlines, snowflakes, human lungs, shells, rivers, and galaxies. Studies have shown that looking at fractal objects is very pleasing to our frontal lobes; they tend to fill us with awe and contentment even if we're just passing by them without staring at them directly.

With that in mind, here are a bunch of pictures of natural fractals that, thanks to science, will chill you out:

1. This fern, which is made up of lots of smaller leaves that mimic the fern's overall shape.

That's called self-similarity, a feature of many fractals.

That's called self-similarity, a feature of many fractals.

2. This Romanesco broccoli, which contains tons of mesmerizing swirling stems.

Rauluminate / Getty Images

3. This view of British Columbia's Coast mountains from way, way up.

4. This soothing spiral seashell.

Tammy Jones / Getty Images

5. And this never-ending nautilus.

Kmnphoto / Getty Images

6. This Queen Anne's lace that looks like it'll never stop self-multiplying.

7. This branching river in a Myanmarese archipelago.

8. This dreamy-looking braided river.

Getty Images

9. This dazzling network of veins.

Czardases / Getty Images

10. These tree branches that split off into smaller versions of themselves.

Anagramm / Getty Images

11. This gorgeous grid of salt flats.

Sara_winter / Getty Images

12. This aloe plant's swirling leaves, all covered in dew drops.

Sabine Hortebusch / Getty Images

13. This dipsacus plant and its dizzying array of leaves.

14. This cabbage, which is almost too cool to eat.

15. This very special snowflake.

Chaoticmind75 / Getty Images

16. These wonderful ocean waves.

Izhairguns / Getty Images

17. And this amazing agate slice.

Drpas / Getty Images

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