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    17 Unexpected Food Inventions That Are Smart As Hell

    This is some next-level stuff right here. H/T: Reddit.

    1. This gum container that comes with paper to wrap your chewed-up gum in.

    nt261999 / Reddit / Via

    2. This vending machine that sells nothing but sweet, sweet pizza.

    McquacK__ / Reddit / Via

    3. This olive jar that comes with a handy-dandy grabber.

    dtowngiraffe / Reddit / Via

    4. These marshmallows that come optimized for s'mores.

    imgur / Via

    5. This water bottle that features all the local water-filling stations.

    ivb107 / Reddit / Via

    6. This grocery store that paints hard-boiled eggs so you can tell them apart from fresh ones.

    LolaLaMafiosa / Reddit / Via

    7. This mug that is happy to secure your tea bag string for you.

    japaneseholler / Reddit / Via

    8. This bag that comes with cut-outs for easy pizza box carrying.

    Ale85962 / Reddit / Via

    9. This cocktail list that charts each drink by its strength and sweetness.

    calebrentpayer5 / Reddit / Via

    10. This hot sauce bottle that lets you adjust the spice level.

    my_mexican_cousin / Reddit / Via

    11. This coffee shop that uses beer taps as milk and cream dispensers.

    CranberryNapalm / Reddit / Via

    12. This avocado with a color chart sticker so you can actually know when it's ripe.

    q0__0p / Reddit / Via

    13. This Chick-fil-A that deducts the price of ingredients that customers don't want.

    lokhouse / Reddit / Via

    14. These brownies that are color-coded based on where in the pan they were baked.

    longboarder116 / Reddit / Via

    15. This box of limes that tells you the best way to cut 'em to get all of the juice out.

    Regularoldballoon / Reddit / Via

    16. This vending machine that gives you your money back if your item doesn't drop.

    qwerty466 / Reddit / Via

    17. And this yogurt top that magically transforms into a spoon!

    OnTheMidnightTrain / Reddit / Via