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    Posted on Apr 4, 2016

    19 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Flowers That'll Get You Hard

    Spring has SPRUNG.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This flower-encrusted archway that will greet your guests like the kings and queens that they are.

    Carla Ten Eyck Photography / Via

    Created by Karen Tran Florals.

    2. This friggin' gorgeous bouquet that'll make you weep with joy (and allergies).

    3. Or this one, with its stupefyingly pretty pink flowers.

    Jasmine Lee Photography / Via

    Created by Love Life + Bloom.

    4. Ooh! This bouquet looks like it was plucked out of an enchanted garden.

    Britt Chudleigh / Via

    Created by Sarah Winward.

    5. And this one is just asking for everyone to bow down to it.

    Michelle Scott Photo / Via

    It has a matching flower crown, to boot!

    Created by Victory Blooms.

    6. These perfectly-laid petals make a ceremony aisle look like a work of art.

    John and Joseph Photography / Via

    Created by White Lilac Inc.


    John and Joseph Photography / Via

    7. And this regal palanquin is dripping with lush pink and white peonies and garden roses.

    Lin & Jirsa / Via

    Created by Shawna Yamamoto.

    8. Lay me to rest under this ceiling of flowers, please.

    Hazelnut Photography / Via

    Created by Details Details.

    9. This ceremony backdrop of pink and white carnations is pretty fantastic, too.

    Created by Fuscia Designs.

    10. Moving onto floral chandeliers! Have you ever seen anything so lush and colorful?

    Finch & Oak / Via

    Created by Alstonville Florist.

    11. No, you have not! Regular chandeliers can GTFO.

    Michelle Lange Photography / Via

    Created by A Garden Party.

    12. Dear god. This ceiling is worthy of Beyoncé.

    Jessica Claire Photography / Via

    Created by White Lilac Inc.

    13. Standard centerpieces are nice, but they look even better when they're next to a hanging cascade of ranunculuses.

    Created by Shakirova Julia.

    14. Although a veritable table-top garden is also a superb choice.

    Shayben Moussa / Via

    Created by Jason James Design.


    Created by Jason James Design.

    15. Bathing the reception space in white hydrangeas is a stroke of genius.

    Katie Stoops Photography / Via

    Created by Holly Chapple.

    16. And they make for a great floral table runner, too.

    Stone Blossom Floral and Event Design / Via

    17. In fact, yeah, skip centerpieces altogether and just drape tables with flowers.

    Ashley Tingley Photography / Via

    18. This cake is showing off with its sash of dahlias and garden roses.

    Krista Mason Photography / Via

    19. But nothing completes a cake like layers of roses and a freaking flower wall.

    Reverie VP / Via

    Created by White Lilac Inc.

    Kbye! Don't forget your Claritin!

    Disney / Via