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These Five Sisters Did A Photo Shoot To Thank Their Parents For Paying For All Of Their Weddings

The photo shoot of them in their wedding dresses is almost too cute.

It costs a lot of money to pay for one wedding, let alone five.

That's why sisters Lindsay, Becky, Kelly, Cassie, and Jamie, all née Walitsch, decided to thank their parents for their support with a surprise photo shoot of all of them in their dresses.

Blackwell knew the shoot had to happen immediately, because the odds of none of the five sisters being pregnant at the same time were pretty low.

On the day of the shoot last July outside San Jose, California, they got their hair done together in the morning and made sure to wear their wedding-day shoes.

They also toted along framed photos from their wedding days.

Blackwell said they specifically wanted to re-create this classic couch scene from Friends.

All of the sisters wanted photos taken on this vintage truck.

And at a local Starbucks, where they could show off their rings.

Blackwell said the photos were a hit with the sisters and with their parents.

"The mother of the girls loved them. She ordered some big prints for her house," she said.

Blackwell's favorite photo of the bunch? This one: