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This Couple Took The Most Magical Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Engagement Photos

Wait until you see their picture on Platform 9¾.

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Michele Matthews is a self-described Harry Potter freak. Luckily, her fiancé, Jared Grunwald, is also a fan.

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"I have read the series like six times, own all the movies, and usually kick butt at any form of Harry Potter trivia," Matthews told BuzzFeed. "Jared also really enjoys the series, but he isn't as nerdy as I am! He loves to do Harry Potter–related things for me, he's taken me to shows and events, he's bought me clothes and trinkets, all just to put a smile on my face."

The latest? The couple took their engagement photos in late February at — where else? — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

"As Florida residents, we vacation to the theme parks pretty often," Matthews said. On their most recent trip, they went with Jared's best friend, a professional photographer. "Knowing Kevin's passion for photography, I asked him if he would be willing to shoot our engagement photos while we were up there!"



Kevin Cucci / Via

"The disappearing shot was Jared's idea," their photographer, Kevin Cucci, told BuzzFeed. "He wanted to get some sort of shot representing them crossing through Platform 9¾. There's one spot where you can stand as people walk through giving that illusion, so I stood in it, waiting for it to be clear and just photographed them walking through. It took two attempts and it was a bit time consuming because it was a busy section of the park, but we got it!"

This shot, of the couple sitting with an "Always" sign, is Matthews' favorite.

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Cucci said the hardest part of the two-hour shoot was avoiding getting other parkgoers into the shots. "We got there early in the day so it wasn't as busy, but there were still a bunch of people there."

Matthew said she and Grunwald are trying to incorporate some Harry Potter elements into their May 2017 wedding, but said she wants it "to be tastefully done."

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"I'm thinking party favors and small decor items, but nothing too extravagant. I also have a couple of photo ideas, but those are secret!"