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    Updated on Dec 27, 2019. Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    16 Pictures Of Things That Are Saving The Planet As We Speak

    Reduce, reuse, reject any single-use items.

    1. This wine bottle that comes with a reusable glass stopper.

    2. This staple alternative that just folds paper over to hold the pages together.

    3. This National Geographic that uses a paper wrapper instead of a plastic one.

    Fittingly enough, it's for the pollution issue.

    4. This toilet paper roll that doesn't need a cardboard roll, TYSVM.

    5. This sensible and edible alternative to packing peanuts.

    6. This reusable highlighter that's actually a calligraphy pen filled with highlighter fluid.

    7. This gym recycling station that's made out of recycled gum.

    8. This pen made from recycled water bottles that has a shadow that looks like a water bottle.

    9. This soap with the hole in the center, since everyone throws out the middle before it's done, anyway.

    10. This doctor's form that's laminated so it can be used over and over.

    11. These knives that are made from fork handles.

    12. This coffee shop that gives a free cup to anyone who brings in a bucket of roadside trash.

    13. This flusher that lets you save water on lighter loads.

    14. This station that lets you dump out liquids before recycling your containers.

    15. This packaging band that can be used as a ruler instead of being thrown out.

    16. And this beer can that makes it easy to peel the plastic right off before recycling it.

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