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Here's The Free Valentine's Day Gift You Can Give Literally Anyone

Good for one "I'll eat anything. You pick."

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Coupons are quite possibly the best present. They're easy to personalize, cheap AF, a cute throwback, and they're actually useful.

Alice Mongkongllite / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Back in the day, I was known to scribble "good for one smile!" on pink construction paper before running downstairs to my parents on Valentine's Day morning.

But now, I'm an adult. An adult with a renewed appreciation for gift coupons. Yes, they are relatively easy to make, but truly thoughtful ones can make for very meaningful, legit presents.

And while everyone wants breakfast in bed or a back massage, there are other things that people really want — they just maybe haven't asked for them.

With that, we made you some coupons that you can print out (click here and here for downloadable PDFs) and give to your person (or people) this Valentine's Day: