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This Couple Did An '80s-Themed Photo Shoot For Their Anniversary, And It's Epic

The teased hair! The 'stache!

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This is Steve and Danielle VanHorn. They recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary, and to mark the milestone, they did a flawless '80s-themed photo shoot.

Steve told BuzzFeed that doing the anniversary photo shoot was his wife's idea, but the '80s inspiration was all him.

Vanessa Hoffmann / Giggle Monster Photography / Via

"In looking at throwback Thursday pictures on Facebook and old family photos we always get a big laugh, so we thought, why not do a throwback session?" he told BuzzFeed. "We've done Western photos at the beach since our first vacation together in 2003. Those funny pics line the hallways of our home and have included everyone from parents and kids to my 86 year old grandmother in law."

They hit up a local thrift store and bought some killer threads (for just $6!), and Steve spent a week growing a rockin' 'stache.

Vanessa Hoffmann / Giggle Monster Photography / Via

"Danielle's naturally big hair definitely played well with the theme," he said.


"We always try to have fun," Steve said, and based on their poses, the photo shoot was no exception.

Vanessa Hoffmann / Giggle Monster Photography / Via

"I wear a suit to work most days," Steve said. "Our closest friends know we're goofs but many people outside of our circle don't know us for being quite so silly."

Steve said that they had to keep stopping during the 45-minute-long shoot because they were laughing so much.

Vanessa Hoffmann / Giggle Monster Photography / Via

"The photographer especially struggled to keep it together. It was a blast!" he added.