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23 Brides Whose Colorful Hair Will Give You Life

Here comes the perfectly-dyed bride.

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

1. Pastel pink hair perfectly complements a flower crown.

Ciara Richardson Photography / Via

2. A silvery lilac adds a deliciously icy edge.

Lisa Jane Photography / Via

3. A shock of blue hair is completely captivating.

De Nueva Photography / Via

4. Purple is totally regal and looks amazing when several shades are combined.

Amy Cloud Photography / Via

5. Two-tone locks are a perfect choice if you can't pick a favorite color.

White Rabbit Photo Boutique / Via

6. Pastels show off your whimsical side.

Karen Buckle Photography / Via

7. And silver hair looks great if your spouse is wearing a gray ensemble.

8. A shade this bright lets you put the "hot" in hot pink.

Izzy Hudgins Photography /

9. Red-orange locks unleash your inner fiery bridal goddess.

Frances Carlisle Photography / Via

10. Ombré blue looks downright magical.

Izzy Hudgins Photography / Via

11. The same goes for purple, actually.

12. And purply mauve creates a moody bridal look that isn't too dark.

Tanya Volkova for Tandem Wedding / Via Мастерская свадеб

13. This perfect purple-ness is on point.

14. A retro-style 'do looks modern when it's done in teal.

Jacqueline Jane / Via

15. Honestly, your hair is the best "something blue" you could possibly have.

McKenzi Dye Photography

16. Earthy surroundings have nothing on gorgeous green strands.

Emilie May Photography / Via

17. Funky fresh highlighter-pink hair looks amazing with a delicate wedding dress.

Elizabeth in Love Photography / Via

18. A French twist looks even better with a swirl of neon pink.

19. Deep, dark purple is extra romantic.

Michelle Johnson Photography / Via

20. And lilac is a delightful shade for a spring wedding.

Hannah Duffy / Via

21. A bubblegum hue kicks a lacy dress into another realm of style.

Amber Gress / Via

22. Bright red makes a stunning contrast between hair color and wedding dress.

Phil Chester / Via

23. And couples in color look twice as nice!

Captured Couture / Via