17 Classy Fuckin' Board Games That Would Make Great Wedding Gifts

    Game on.

    1. Every solid relationship is (or should be) based on fun and a little playful competition, which is why board games make for such a fantastic wedding gift.

    And if a regular board game is a good gift, you know what makes for an even better one? A fancy-ass version of that board game. There are a lot of "deluxe" board games floating around — special or vintage editions, ones with real metal pieces, leather trimming, or finely-crafted woodwork that make the games a) last pretty much forever, and b) double as décor. Sure, some of them are expensive (which makes them a great item to go in on with friends), but others are actually affordable and make for thoughtful gifts, which, #win.


    3. Here are 18 ~luxe~ editions that'll make great wedding presents:

    4. A black and gold edition of Apples to Apples that's too classy for its own good.

    5. A pearly edition of Scrabble that looks like actual heaven.

    6. A gloriously retro version of Clue that'll make them feel like Colonel Mustard himself.

    7. A minimalist marble chess set that's a real game changer.

    8. A box set of four decks of gold foil-stamped playing cards that offer a good deal of luxury.

    9. A crocodile leather Backgammon set that is (almost) too pretty to play with.

    10. A richly appointed version of Trivial Pursuit that'll make them wealthy with knowledge.

    11. A 10th anniversary edition of Ticket to Ride that's fit for a real-life train mogul.

    12. A custom wooden Settlers of Catan game that'll make them feel like the masters of their domain.

    13. A sleek take on Jenga that teeters on the edge of perfection.

    14. A set of silver-backed dominoes that'll make them fall over with delight.

    15. A marble tic-tac-toe set they'll love like XO.

    16. A vintage gift box edition of Rummikub for when they want to throw down tiles in style.

    17. A solid wood cribbage board that'll make their crib look refined AF.

    18. And a personalized Connect Four that they'll heart forever and ever.