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    These Are The Best Engagement Photos Of 2018 So Far, And They're Gorgeous

    Lots and tears and feels ahead.

    Junebug Weddings just released a list of the top 50 engagement photos of 2018 for its Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection.

    The 2018 collection features winners chosen from more than 6,000 image submissions from photographers around the world.

    Here are some of the most stunning photos:

    1. This couple that's just jumping for joy.

    Seth & Kaiti Photography / Via

    2. These two, who love their dog as much as they love each other.

    Erin Northcutt / Via

    3. This duo that's exploring the depths of their love.

    Renata Xavier Photography / Via

    4. These actual star-crossed lovers.

    Tinted Photography / Via

    5. This incredibly stunning dress shot.

    Cheese N Click Photography / Via

    6. This couple that's simply lost in thought (and love).

    Motiejus / Via

    7. These lovebirds who are ready to experience the roller coaster of life together.

    Ken Pak Photography / Via

    8. This couple that found love somewhere under the rainbow.

    Danelle Bohane / Via

    9. These unbelievably happy future spouses.

    Samuel Goh Photography / Via

    10. These two lovestruck city-dwellers.

    Brandi Potter Photo / Via

    11. This gorgeous mountainside embrace.

    Cody and Allison Photo / Via

    12. This proof that love can bring you to the highest highs.

    Amy van Vlear Photography / Via

    13. This thrill-seeking couple.

    Kaci Baum Photography / Via

    14. These twirling spouses-to-be.

    The Ferros / Via

    15. This sweet, snowy snapshot.

    Lukas Piatek / Via

    16. This couple that's just taking it all in.

    Shari + Mike / Via

    17. And these two who will never let each other go.

    Maria Shiriaeva / Via

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