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    12 Reasons Why The World Will Use Less Plastic In 2019

    Single-use plastics were brought to their knees in 2018.

    The year 2018 may go down in history for a lot of reasons, but one of the better ones is that it was the year we took some major steps to end the prevalence of single-use plastics like plastic straws, bottles, and bags.

    Here are some of the ways people, legislatures, and companies tried to make the world a more plastic-free place:

    1. California became the first state to ban restaurants from automatically giving plastic straws to customers.

    2. And other major companies like Starbucks and McDonald's took their own measures to limit the distribution of plastic straws.

    3. Oh, and that means a lot of places started banning or replacing those plastic coffee stirrers, too.

    4. Kroger, the nation's second largest grocery store, announced that it'll ban single-use plastic bags from all of its stores by 2025.

    5. Seattle became the first US city to ban plastic utensils and straws.

    6. New York City successfully implemented a ban on single-use styrofoam that'll begin in 2019.

    7. Charleston, South Carolina, also made it known that by 2020, foam containers, in addition to plastic straws and plastic bags, will be forbidden.

    8. South Korean coffee shops began only giving disposable cups to customers taking their orders to go.

    9. Carlsberg, the Danish beer brewery, phased in a plan to replace plastic rings with a recyclable glue.

    10. Gyms began to stop offering plastic bottles for thirsty exercisers.

    11. Fashion companies like Adidas and Everlane created strategies to eliminate the use of virgin plastic.

    12. And a plan was passed to ban single-use plastics in the entire European Union.