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15 Incredibly Genius Ways To Reuse An Old Bridesmaid Dress

Use it as a tissue every time you cry about how much you spent on it.

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So, you may have spent $250 on a bridesmaid dress (plus the cost of alterations)...but you don't have to let that ball of taffeta or crinoline disintegrate into dust in your closet! Instead, consider some alternative uses for that 'ole frock...


2. Weave the threads into friendship bracelets and gift them to your fellow bridesmaids to remember the times you had together.

3. Wear it as a Katniss Everdeen-style dress and set it on fire on cue.

5. Tie it like a ribbon around the next wedding present you give.

6. Practice your Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Tony acceptance speech in it.


8. Bring back the bindle look.

9. Turn it into covers for seat cushions so you can park your butt on all your favorite wedding memories.

11. Roll it out in front of you like a red carpet wherever you go.

12. Slice it into strips and use it for rhythmic gymnastics.

14. Use it as oil blotting strips for your face.