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    A School Literally Served Chicken Nuggets In A Hot Dog Bun For Lunch

    It's basically "I give up" in food form.

    School lunches just can't get a break.

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    And sometimes, that's actually not fair! Some school lunches can actually be tasty and visually appealing.

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    This is a lunch at a Texas school that has turkey taco salad, mashed potato, iced tea, and peach cobbler.

    But other times, they completely live up to their dubious reputation. Case in point? This sad excuse for "lunch," aka chicken nuggets in a hot dog bun, which was served at Hempfield Area High School in Pennsylvania.

    Todd Rates, a senior at the school, told BuzzFeed that he did not order or eat the sandwich, but that his friend did.

    Oh, and don't be distracted by the apple in the background. The star of the show is this...thing, which was marketed as a "Popcorn Chicken Po-Boy Sandwich."

    Those dry nuggets! The sad bun! The visible lack of seasoning or condiments! Oh, the humanity.

    Rates said the, uh, delicacy cost $2.75 and "tasted pretty good," according to his intrepid friend. Redditors had some other thoughts about it.

    Here it is again, in case you already forgot what "I give up" looks like in food form.

    Mmm, indeed.

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