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    This Bride Eating A Burger At A Hockey Game In Her Wedding Dress Is All Of Us

    "We're just two people who enjoy hockey and burgers."

    Newlyweds Erica Skuta and Lewis Blake live in New Zealand, but they're still huge fans of Skuta's hometown hockey team, Minnesota Wild.

    Such big fans, in fact, that they went to Minnesota for their Nov. 29 wedding and caught a Wild game after their reception ended.

    So Blake and Skuta, who clearly DGAF, sat in the stands of Xcel Energy Center, wedding dress and all.

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    Their bridal party and many family members also attended the game.

    While watching the Wild take on the Dallas Stars, Skuta devoured a burger — because who actually has time to eat at their own wedding?

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    Plus, stains and spillage don't matter once the reception's over, which is good, because she barely even takes her eyes off the game.

    Skuta told BuzzFeed Life that they wanted to get on the Jumbotron — Blake had made a sign that said, "I flew 8,044 miles from New Zealand to be at this game (and to get married)," in hopes that they'd get a moment in the spotlight.

    "After the sign was shown at the game we thought we were in the clear and I was excited to finally get a chance to eat some food... Little did we know everyone at home was watching us," she said.

    Here's Skuta asking her new husband to wipe something burger-y off her face:

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    "We're just two people who enjoy hockey and burgers," Skuta said.

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