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    67 Of The Best "Real Housewives" Quotes Of All Time

    "Who gon' check me, boo?"

    67. When NeNe and Sheree played insult tennis.

    66. When Dina painted this disturbing picture of Danielle.

    Bravo / Via racked.com

    65. When Camille proved that being married to Frasier Crane can actually enhance your vocabulary.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    64. When NeNe dismissed Kim Zolciak like a bad student.

    63. When Vicki had a bunco party breakdown.

    62. When Dina totally understood the meaning of "namaste".

    Bravo / Via tenor.co

    61. When Luann gave a little lesson on Moroccan manners.

    60. When Taylor just made us all feel blue.

    59. When Teresa asked the $64,000 question.

    58. When Kandi finally reached her breaking point.

    Bravo / Via tamaratattles.com

    57. When Alexis had some...troubling thoughts about inner beauty.

    Bravo / Via sheknows.com

    56. When Taylor honestly terrified everyone.

    55. When Kenya unwittingly wrote the lyrics to a hit song.

    Bravo / Via realitybox.co.uk

    54. Every time Vicki has a good time.

    Bravo / Via bravowatch.com

    53. Literally.

    Bravo / Via riothousewives.com

    52. When Porsha gave Kenya a proper diss.

    Bravo / Via straightfromthea.com

    51. When Sonja was the straw that stirs the drink.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    50. When being in the hospital couldn't stop Kim Zolciak from having a good meal.

    49. When Vicki decided she'd had enough of everyone's shit.

    48. When Teresa just wanted to defend herself, ok?

    Bravo / Via tenor.co

    47. When Phaedra made a stripper's day.

    46. When Ramona became one with her pinot grigio.

    Bravo / Via bustle.com

    45. When Bethenny nailed Kelly's Scary Island shenanigans.

    44. When Aviva delivered a surprisingly sick burn.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    And then we found out that Ramona and Sonja didn't know what white trash meant.

    43. When Caroline gave us the ground rules of interacting with the Manzo family.

    42. When Dana made the most of her 15 minutes of Housewives fame.

    Bravo / Via wetpaint.com

    41. When Luann needed to take a chill pill.

    Bravo / Via foolishwatcher.com

    40. When NeNe gave this savage read.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    39. When Sonja cemented her status as resident delightful floozy.

    Bravo / Via radaronline.com

    38. When Tamra yelled, but also didn't move a muscle in her forehead?!

    37. When Vicki nearly lost a lung screaming at Lauri on a ski slope.

    Bravo / Via reddit.com

    36. When Kim Zolciak clarified a thing or two about her sexuality.

    Bravo / Via tumblr.com

    35. When NeNe said what we're all thinking.

    Bravo / Via eonline.com

    34. When Luann tried to cure everything with some eggs.

    Bravo / Via tmblr.co

    33. When Camille coined the phrase MCFR.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    32. When Kelly attempted to put Bethenny in her place.

    Bravo / Via bustle.com

    31. When NeNe reminded us all of what really matters.

    Bravo / Via bustle.com

    30. When Luann birthed the phrase that would take over the iTunes charts.

    Bravo / Via notey.com

    29. When Yolanda shaded Adrienne right into the dark.

    28. When Ramona introduced us to the joy that is turtle time.

    Bravo / Via youtube.com

    27. When Alex decided she'd coined a new catchphrase.

    26. When Kim Richards spoke some ugly truths from the back of a stretch limo.

    Bravo / Via beamly.com

    25. When Luann brushed off hooking up with a married man.

    24. When Ramona did the exact opposite of calm Aviva down.

    Bravo / Via vulture.com

    23. When Dorinda just wanted some goddamn respect.

    22. When Kim Richards did the old insult-n-point to Brandi.

    Bravo / Via bustle.com

    21. When Erika started a new dance craze.

    Bravo / Via newnownext.com

    20. When Tamra swiftly, epically took down Alexis.

    Bravo / Via realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

    you’re crazy, jesus jugs

    19. When Sonja gave John the business at Beautique.

    18. Three words: Kelly's psychotic break.

    Bravo / Via yahoo.com

    17. When Alex was the best friend Ramona could ever ask for.

    16. When Phaedra said a little prayer.

    15. When Aviva finally stopped pulling our legs and unleashed the crazy.

    14. When Porsha just straight-up concerned us.

    Bravo / Via lipstickalley.com

    13. When Milania and Joe Giudice had this heartwarming father-daughter moment.

    12. When Bethenny told Kelly the opposite of what she wanted to hear.

    11. When Camille had the bright idea to invite Allison Dubois to dinner.

    Bravo / Via bravowhore.com

    Know that.

    10. When Tamra epically called out Alexis's bullshit.

    Bravo / Via imgfave.com

    9. When Alex *tried* to school Jill.

    Bravo / Via tmblr.co

    8. When Vicki had a nuclear meltdown over a family van.

    Bravo / Via hulu.com

    7. When Nene shut down Kim for canoodling with Big Poppa.

    Bravo / Via quotesgram.com


    6. When Kelly manage to conflate Al Sharpton, Don King, and A Few Good Men into one bizarre moment.

    Bravo / Via reddit.com

    5. When Luann dragged Alex's shoes into the dirt, spat on them, and gave them a proper funeral.

    4. When Sheree asked the question of the century.

    Bravo / Via giphy.com

    3. When Danielle hit Teresa's last nerve.

    Bravo / Via tumblr.com

    We all know what happened right after this.

    2. When Porsha was...confused...about the Underground Railroad.

    Bravo / Via bravotv.com

    1. And last but not least, satchels 👏 of 👏 motherfuckin' 👏 gold.

    Bravo / Via reddit.com

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