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    27 Vintage Wedding Photos That'll Hit You Right In The Feels

    They just don't make 'em like they used to.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their grandparents' wedding photos. Here are some of the most beautiful ones.

    1. These two sets of grandparents with the exact same wedding day.

    2. This couple that puts The Notebook to shame.

    3. This twin-tastic pair and their families.

    4. These two, who are the definition of too cool for school.

    5. This stunning vintage couple.

    6. These smiling retro cuties.

    7. This cake-loving duo.

    8. These couple, who shared a ~forbidden love~.

    9. This history-making pair.

    10. This seriously-in-love duo.

    11. This example of pure wedding-day perfection.

    12. This twosome that definitely didn't skimp on flowers.

    13. This jokester and his loving bride.

    14. These relaxing romantics.

    15. This dashing duo, who beat the odds to make it down the aisle.

    16. This stellar '60s couple.

    17. This utterly glamorous bride and groom.

    18. These two, who epitomize the look of love.

    19. This cheeky husband and wife.

    20. This adorable couple and their bridal party.

    21. This super stylish set of grandparents.

    22. These two, who know that four eyes are better than two.

    23. This couple and their *flawless* wedding portrait.

    24. These wartime sweethearts.

    25. This embodiment of old-school glam.

    26. This bride and her loyal garter-gazers.

    27. And these two, who keep the romance alive with chicken wings and Seth MacFarlane.

    Submissions have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

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