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26 Completely True Facts That'll Make You Say "Sounds Fake, But OK"

One 18-inch pizza is more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas?!?!

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7. The animal that kills the most people every year isn't snakes, sharks, or even other humans — it's the mosquito.

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Mosquitos kill an average of 750,000 people a year, mostly because of malaria. Compare that with 475,000 human-related deaths, 50,000 snake-related deaths, and 10 shark-related deaths per year.


9. The difference in time between when the tyrannosaurus rex and the stegosaurus lived is greater than the difference in time between the T. rex and us.

10. John Tyler, the 10th president of the US, who was born in 1790, has not one, but two grandchildren who are still alive.

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Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 93, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler, 89, are still around, thanks to the fact that their grandpa was still fathering children into his seventies.


16. The coldest place in the universe that we know of is right here on Earth.

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It's not in the far reaches of outer space or on Mars! Scientists at a regular old lab in Massachusetts managed to get the temperature down to 810 trillionths of a degree F above absolute zero (-459.67°F). Brr.


20. Baby carrots weren't invented until 1986.

Mike Yurosek, a carrot farmer from California, invented the veggie snacks as a way to get use out of misshapen full-sized carrots. A year later, carrot consumption jumped by almost 30%, thanks to Yurosek's bright idea.


25. Can openers weren't invented until 48 years after the invention of cans.

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Cans that could keep food fresh for months or years were invented in 1810, but people had a lot of trouble opening them until the opener was finally invented in 1858. Before that, most people resorted to brute force to get the darned things open.