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24 Mother-Child Lookalikes That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

It's like someone copy-pasted an entire human.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us how much they look like their mom (and vice versa). Here are some of the most amazing side-by-sides:

9. This evidence that time travel is real.

"I am the spitting image of my mother (and very gladly so)! On several occasions, people have stopped me on the street in our hometown and said, 'You must be Rose's daughter!' I always thank her for giving me perfect teeth."


14. These curiously similar-looking cuties.

"My mom at 2 vs. me at 2. We work in the same office now. On my first day, as I was introduced to coworkers, five different people said to me, 'You must be Cindy's daughter!'"


15. These two, who've been twinning for a very long time.

"This is my mom and my sister. People have been getting them mixed up for years, even my dad! My sister was even born on Mother's Day."


24. And these twi — I mean, this mother and her child.

"This is me and my mom at her graduation. I'm on the left and my mom is on the right! I'm 16 and she's 35, and I think we look very alike in this photo."


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