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    24 Mother-Child Lookalikes That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

    It's like someone copy-pasted an entire human.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us how much they look like their mom (and vice versa). Here are some of the most amazing side-by-sides:

    1. These two, who aren't even trying to act like they don't look exactly the same.

    2. This mother and daughter, who won't let a little photobomb get in the way of their twinning.

    3. This mother and daughter who share the same beautiful smile.

    4. This mother and son who prove that it's not just daughters who can be their mom's twin.

    5. This duo who share a face and good selfie-taking skills.

    6. This proof that even facial expressions are genetic.

    7. This mother and daughter who even share a love of bangs.

    8. This twosome, who could just look at each other instead of using a mirror.

    9. This evidence that time travel is real.

    10. This pair, who love matching everything.

    11. This frozen-drink-loving lookalike mother and daughter.

    12. This smiling set of clones.

    13. This highly photogenic, identical mother and son.

    14. These curiously similar-looking cuties.

    15. These two, who've been twinning for a very long time.

    16. These smiling doppelgängers.

    17. These adorable matching Easter bunnies.

    18. This IRL copy-paste situation.

    19. This mother and daughter, who look thrilled to be basically the same person.

    20. This ravishing pair of lookalikes.

    21. This mother and daughter with matching faces and smirks.

    22. This literal seeing-double situation.

    23. These complete spitting images of each other.

    24. And these twi — I mean, this mother and her child.

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