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23 Unforgettable Wedding Moments That Defined 2015

From mic-dropping wedding toasts to the Supreme Court's historic ruling, here are some of the stories that got everyone talking about weddings this year.

1. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, allowing thousands of same-sex couples to legally get married in the U.S.

The landmark ruling was a much-needed beacon of light and positivity in an otherwise dark year.

2. A dad invited his his daughter's stepfather to accompany him and the bride down the aisle during her wedding ceremony, bringing us all to tears.

Photographer Delia D. Blackburn said there wasn't a dry eye in the house after Todd Bachman asked Todd Cendrosky if he would help him walk Brittany Peck to the altar at her September wedding. “I think he said something along the lines of ‘You helped raise her,’” Blackburn told BuzzFeed News.

Blackburn shared the photos and the family’s story on her Facebook page. They have since been shared more than 500,000 times.

3. Drunk History became way more romantic, thanks to this couple's retelling of how they met.

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Justin Willman, a comedian and magician, and Jillian Sipkins, a photographer, gathered 'round their friends to act out their drunken tale of romance. They showed the finished product to guests at the rehearsal dinner for their Sept. 6 wedding.

4. And then WIllman and Sipkins had us all spellbound with their insane first dance.

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They outdid their Drunk History video with this unbelievable performance to "I Put a Spell on You." They spun and twirled, and to top it all off, Sipkins helped Willman LEVITATE. Their guests loved it, of course.

5. Melissa Dohme, whose ex-boyfriend stabbed her 30 times, got engaged to one of the men who saved her life.

Facebook: Rays

Dohme was so badly injured in the January 2012 attack that you “couldn’t tell she was blond," her now-fiancé told the Tampa Bay Times. Hill was one of the first responders to the scene.

She survived despite harrowing odds, and later met Hill at an event, where they clicked and began dating soon after.

Hill proposed to Dohme in May while she was throwing out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game. “So surprised, so in love, and I just feel like I am floating on a cloud,” she said.

6. Bride Christine Quinn asked her 89-year-old grandmother, Elizabeth Govern — aka “Nana Betty” — to be her bridesmaid.

Sweetwater Portraits

Quinn considers Nana Betty to be one of her best friends, which she told BuzzFeed Life made it an easy decision. Nana Betty was hesitant at first, but she agreed to fill the role after Quinn assured her that she could change her mind.

She even “danced the night away” instead of going home to rest, as she’d originally planned to.

7. These sisters changed the wedding toast game with an amazing mashup of songs with rewritten lyrics for their sister and her groom.

Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman were co-maids of honor for their sister Caitlin at her June wedding. The newlyweds loved the mix of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back," Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody," and other classics.

8. Bride Brelyn Bowman presented a "certificate of purity" to her father at her wedding to prove her virginity.

9. Writer, performer, and all-around badass Lindy West made us all stand up and cheer with this essay on being a fat bride.

Jenny Jimenez / Via

"I have never in my life been fatter than I was on my wedding day, I have never shown my body in such an uncompromising way, and I have never felt more at home in that body," she wrote for The Guardian. "I was fully myself, and I was happy. We are happy. This life is yours, fat girls. Eat it up."

See the rest of her gorgeous wedding photos on A Practical Wedding.

10. Photographer Thomas Stewart's epic rant against cell phones at wedding ceremonies went viral.

Stewart posted this photo to his Facebook page, which shows guests standing in the aisle to snap a picture of the bride, thereby blocking the groom. Along with it, he wrote an impassioned plea for guests to unplug during the ceremony.

"Guests with phones, iPads and cameras get right in your photographer's way. They have no idea how to stay out of our way," he wrote, adding, "The guests' photos are usually crap. I'm sorry, but it is true."

11. Bobby Villegas and Kait Villegas-Payne bucked gender norms and had Villegas-Payne’s daughter, Scarlet, serve as their ring bearer.

Jonas Seaman / Via

“She was the ring bearer because that’s what I had a literal need for,” Villegas-Payne told A Practical Wedding. “We didn’t even have a real aisle for anybody to throw petals down on. We did need somebody to hold our rings.”

It was a great idea; Scarlet looks amazing in her suit.

12. We all ugly-cried when Brooke Blackledge read a heartwarming note from her adoptive mother at her wedding.

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Her mother Sherry had written a letter to her when she adopted her at 18 months old, telling her how much love and happiness she brought to the family. Sherry saved the note for 20 years, and needless to say, it made the perfect wedding present.

“Before me and Daddy were married we always said we wanted a little boy and a little girl," the note said. "When we were dating, we said if we had a little girl she would be a little Brooke. You are our little Baby Brooke.”

13. Justin Lebon's Monopoly marriage proposal won everyone over.

Justin Lebon
Justin Lebon

Lebon had a friend, woodworker Mark Becker, to craft a custom Monopoly board for his proposal to his fiancée, Michal Ott last December.

All of the property names correspond to important places and events from their relationship, and he — very appropriately — hid the ring under the luxury tax spot. Nerd love FTW!

14. The #FollowMeTo couple, Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova, got married.

Of course, they took a photo in their signature pose at their gorgeous June wedding.

15. This groom absolutely lost it seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

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16. We found out that this woman's engagement has her fiancé's wisdom tooth in it.

Courtesy of Carlee Leifkes

Uh... K.

17. Estonian bride Liisa Luts bucked tradition and took her own wedding photos.

Courtesy of Liisa Luts

“We didn’t want to have a big event and put on a show, we preferred to avoid all the stress that comes with wedding planning," Luts told BuzzFeed of her August wedding.

Luts captured everything, from getting ready to her bouquet toss, with her own camera. She and her husband run a video, photography, and animation company.

The end result was utterly breathtaking.

Courtesy of Liisa Luts

18. Grooms Ben and Derii Rogers Wood asked their bridesmaids to wear wedding dresses.

Capture The Moment Cwmbran / Via Ben Rogers Wood

The Welsh couple couldn't decide on bridesmaid dresses for the ladies in their bridal party, so they challenged them to find the best wedding dress to wear, instead. Looks like they all won.

19. Jeremy Stamper planned a second wedding for his wife Justice after she lost her memory — and any recollection of their wedding.

Justice Stamper / Via Facebook: profile.php

20. Photographer Chase Richardson slipped and accidentally captured a priceless photo of everyone's reaction.

Chase Richardson / Via

This photo, taken at the exact moment Richardson slipped and fell, is still in focus, amazingly.

21. These five married sisters did a photo shoot in their wedding dresses.

Rachel Blackwell Photography

Lindsay, Becky, Kelly, Cassie, and Jamie, all née Walitsch, got together after the last sister got married and had photographer Rachel Blackwell take the pictures as a way to thank their parents for their weddings and their support.

Blackwell told BuzzFeed Life that the photos were a hit. “The mother of the girls loved them. She ordered some big prints for her house,” she said.

22. We gave dudes permission to have bro-dal showers.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Life / Via

Because girls aren't the only ones who just wanna have fun!

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Life / Via

23. And we imagined what would happen if bachelor parties looked like bachelorette parties.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Life

Spoiler alert: there would be a ton of vaginas.

Vagina corn hole FTW!

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Life