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23 Wedding Succulents That Will Make You Forget About All Other Flowers

They definitely don't suc(k)culent.

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. They look great in a bouquet with zero flowers.

Plus, succulents are heat-resistant, so this arrangement will withstand literally any temperature.
Aaron Young / Via Green Wedding Shoes

Plus, succulents are heat-resistant, so this arrangement will withstand literally any temperature.

2. And they shine even more when things are kept really, really simple.

KT Merry Photography / Via

3. You can use them to make a flower crown that won't wilt.

Izzy Hudgins Photography / Via

4. Or just stick some cute air plants into your sick updo.

5. They look totally festive on an invitation suite.

The Woolberry Press / Via

6. They really stand out when you arrange a ton of them on a wall.

7. Potted succulents are a great way to line your aisle.

KLK Photography / Via

8. And don't even get us started on how awesome they look on a ceremony altar.

9. You can fashion them in the shape of your monogram as a centerpiece.

Sarah Murray Photography / Via

10. Or spell out a very important message.

Danielle Poff Photography / Via

11. You can DIY simple centerpieces with them in a pinch.

Willhouse Photography / Via Rustic Wedding Chic

12. And they look perfectly rustic when you nestle them in a wooden round with some moss and candles.

13. They also look fab with a bunch of friends in a bowl.

Chaz Cruz Photographer / Via

14. Think about how much money you can save by substituting elaborate floral centerpieces for a row of succulents and candles.

Lexia Frank Photography / Via

15. Or for a lineup of eye-catching cacti.

Laura Goldenberger / Via

16. A single cactus frond makes a pop on place settings.

Ben Q Photography / Via

17. So does a teeny little air plant.

Luna de Mare Photography / Via

18. They look awesome as boutonnieres.

Eucca / Via

19. They add major impact to a small wedding cake.

20. But they also jazz up a fancy AF multi-tiered cake.

Simply Bloom Photography / Via

21. You can spray-paint them gold for some real classy escort card holders.

Sonya Khegay / Via

22. They make for practical and affordable favors.

Brittni Mehlhoff / Via Paper & Stitch

23. And when all else fails, displaying them together will always be a showstopping option.