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23 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Wish You Thought Of First

For when flowers and candy aren't enough.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best Valentine's Day present they'd ever gotten. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Some special love letters.

"'Open when' letters. My ex gave them to me to read when I was anxious or happy or bored. They were really sweet and a great idea for when you're broke AF."—scouti

"'Open when' letters. My ex gave them to me to read when I was anxious or happy or bored. They were really sweet and a great idea for when you're broke AF."


2. A shower of teddy bears.

"One time at a craft store, my (at the time) boyfriend and I came upon a huge bin of these tiny plush teddy bears. I grabbed a few handfuls, tossing them in the air and giggling. I made an offhand remark about how awesome it would be to just have it rain teddy bears. Fast forward about six months, and I open my Valentine's Day gift: a massage bag filled with 200 mini plush teddy bears, which he then dumped softly over my head to make it rain teddy bears. It was amazing."

—Car Sue Woodrow, Facebook

3. A cactus.

"My boyfriend gave me a cactus for our first Valentine's Day three years ago. Why, you might ask? 'Cacti last longer than flowers.'"

—Allyson Kraus, Facebook

4. A sex toy.

NBC / Via

"A vibrator. Best present ever."


5. An at-home spa treatment.

"After I had our son, it was super rare that I did any type of pampering for myself. For Valentine's Day that year, my husband took our baby to my mom's, then surprised me by turning our guest room into a spa. He had spa music and oils and candles and heated the sheets so the bed was warm. He gave me a massage, then ran a bath with floating candles and the ambience was just perfect. It was the most wonderful surprise and gift!"

—Kaynabess Freda, Facebook

6. A classic Spice Girls album.

"My best friend got me a vintage Spice Girls vinyl. She is the shit."


7. A steak.

NBC / Via

"A big fat ribeye. My husband always barbecues for me. Couldn't ask for anything better."


8. A night of vegging out.

"I've always thought Valentine's Day was a waste of time, but on our first one together, my now-fiancé covered my dorm room with all of my favorite junk foods, and we just gorged ourselves and watched documentaries. The food lasted for a few days, so it was practical as well as thoughtful!"


9. A dorm room surprise.

"It's not romantic, but by far the best Valentine's Day gift I ever received was from my college roommate. She got me some cute little presents and candy and set them up as a surprise in our living room. It was just so unexpected and thoughtful, I think it's one of the nicest things anyone has done for me."


10. A block of cheese.

Hanna Barbera / Via

"Last year for Valentine's Day, I told my boyfriend we should only get each other "cheesy" gifts since I only see it as a cheesy holiday. I was expecting some ridiculous stuffed animal that sings or a bunch of chalky hearts. Turns out, my boyfriend listens really well and got me a block of cheese. A. Block. Of. Cheese. Greatest Valentine's Day gift ever!"


11. A Star Wars-themed portrait.

"My husband drew me as a Jedi Knight who is part of the rebel alliance, with dead storm troopers surrounding me. Best gift ever. I've always wanted to be a Jedi, and my husband made it happen."


12. A baby.

"My daughter! She was born over Valentine's Day weekend and turns one this year."


13. A gummy surprise.

"A giant, two-foot-tall gummy bear from my dad."—mrnarwhal2632

"A giant, two-foot-tall gummy bear from my dad."


14. A musical instrument.

"I bought myself a ukulele as a treat for myself last Valentine's Day."


15. A post-breakup treat.

"A couple years ago, I was dumped a couple weeks before Valentine's Day. When I left for work on Valentine's Day, there was a bag of candy and a note that said, 'I know you have been having a hard time, and I didn't want you to feel bad about being single today. You are one of the few girls who are worth it, and an example of what great girl should be.' It was from my platonic guy friend. I still consider it the nicest thing that anyone has done for me."


16. A dog.

Pixar / Via

"A beautiful apricot miniature poodle from my mom. I was 10. He was my best friend and we were completely inseparable. Best Valentine's Day gift ever. He and I celebrated our anniversary every Valentine's Day by taking him to pick out a new toy and yummy doggy treats."


17. A trail of Hershey's Kisses.

"When I woke up on Valentine's Day, my husband had placed Hershey's Kisses all along the floor leading from my side of the bed and into our living room where there was a note that read, 'I kiss the ground you walk on.'"


18. A bunch of bad pickup lines.

"The best Valentine's Day present I ever got was from my friend Dawn. She and I had often joked about how we were 'dating,' even though we're both straight. Last year, she gave me a bundle of heart-shaped pieces of pink paper, each one sporting a really bad, nerdy pickup line. It was so cute!"


19. A cursing teddy bear.

Universal Pictures / Via

"My boyfriend got me a teddy bear holding a heart that says, 'Shit bitch you is fine.' He was so excited to give it to me he actually gave it to me a few days before Valentine's Day."


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20. A proposal.

"A marriage proposal! It was at the science museum. In front of Saturn. She said she wanted to be like Saturn and put a ring on it. I said yes SO FAST."


21. A homemade set of puzzles and a scavenger hunt.

"I made a homemade puzzle card for my fiancée. It had a variety of word games that listed six things I had planned over the next six months. They included a play, concerts, a weekend getaway to Chicago, etc., and she needed to solve them all to know where and when we were going. The seventh puzzle started a scavenger hunt around the house and ended in the closet where I had stowed a bag of goodies. It was awesome to see the reaction throughout the whole process."


22. A picture of Nicolas Cage.

"I was given a chocolate rose with a card of Nicolas Cage in the bee scene from The Wicker Man with 'bee mine' written on it."—cmh787
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

"I was given a chocolate rose with a card of Nicolas Cage in the bee scene from The Wicker Man with 'bee mine' written on it."


23. And a few drugstore essentials.

"When my boyfriend (now husband) and I first started dating, we had the usual chat about likes and dislikes, and discovered that we both enjoy practical gifts. So, for our first Valentine holiday together, he got me a 6-pack of Gatorade, a package of chocolates, and a box of condoms."


(Learn how to make a super practical bouquet here.)

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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