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17 Genius Tips For Getting Your Home To Smell Really, Really Nice

No judgment, just some good ideas.

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1. For starters, pretend like you're a visitor in your own home when you walk in to determine what the smell is.


"Pay attention to the smell of your home when you come back from a trip — that's what it smells like to guests all the time, you just get used to it."


2. It might sound weird, but you should wash your walls once or twice a year, since they're probably absorbing whatever the stench is.


"The end of summer and the end of winter are when I do it. I use a damp microfiber cloth wrapped around a Swiffer sweeper, and it really doesn’t take too long. Vinegar solutions can be good for deodorizing, but I find cleaners with a bit of grease cutting ability can be better for kitchen areas that get a buildup from cooking oils."


Learn exactly how to do it here.

3. If you're cooking, make sure you use your vent hood.


"I think the real issue is that lots of people don't use their vent hoods as much as they should, or have shitty ones. Some people's houses I go to always smell like food even though they haven't been cooking because they never suck out odors and stuff after/during cooking. If getting better hardware (better vent, cutting holes in the house) is not an option, then you can open windows. Yeah, sucks to have your cold or hot air get blown away, but at least your house won't smell? What I did when I lived in a shitty apartment was open my window and use a fan to blow air out for like 30 min straight just so I didn't have to have the place smell. Basically, get your old air out and bring some fresh air in, use your judgement and figure out what's best for you."


4. Buy some air sponges to absorb any stray scents you don't want to linger.

"Those little air sponge things are great to help keep house odors down during the winter when you can’t air the house out without having to reheat the whole darn thing."


Get ione from Amazon for $7.90.


5. Clean out your fridge regularly, especially if it has an ice maker.

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"If you keep pungent foods, ice can take on odors and the waft of air from opening/closing the door can smell. Keep a dish of baking soda or charcoal in the fridge to absorb the odors."


6. If you have a cat, get an automatic litter box to avoid the dreaded feline odor.

"Cats hate dirty ass boxes as much as we do. I have two of those, they're awesome. Going on two years of use for both of them, still going strong."


Get it from Amazon for $129.95.

7. Use an essential oil diffuser/humidifier to get good, clean smells circulating.

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"I just moved and one of the first things I unpacked was my little humidifier. (It gets super dry here in fall and winter). I add a couple drops of essential oil to the water and turn it on. It makes my small apartment smell amazing and not too strong."


Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

8. In a pinch, opt for Ozium to actually sanitize the air around you.

"Ozium is really nice if you have some really foul smells that you just need to get rid of ASAP. However, it is not a reliable long term solution to smell problems."


Get it from Amazon for $8.99.


10. Take out the garbage every single day.


"Don't ever let it sit inside the house long enough to smell. (Our daily bags all go into a big can in the garage. On garbage day, we just take it to the curb). We use small, biodegradable trash bags. We don't use a larger bag anymore, just the small ones."


11. Wash your sheets regularly, but also deodorize your bed/bedding often, too.

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"Bedrooms stink. They smell like morning breath/bodies/dirty hair in very little time, and everybody is nose blind to their own scent. Sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum after letting it sit. If it’s sunny, take your mattress topper/pillows/duvet and let them sit in the sun for a bit."



13. Make a simmer pot — aka a DIY air freshener — with items you probably already own.

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"You can DIY an air freshener by simmering spices in water on the stovetop. Pop a couple cinnamon sticks and some clove in boiling water, let it simmer for a bit, and BAM! Your house smells like Christmas."


Find more simmer pot recipes here.

14. Or put a teaspoon of vanilla in the oven for 30 minutes to feel like you live in a warm, clean bakery.


"Preheat your oven at 300, and use any bowl or pan that you normally would use for baking (I use a Pyrex glass bowl). You can leave the vanilla for an hour if your house is a bit larger, but don't over do it, or it will end up smelling like a bakery FOREVER. You can also use one or two teaspoons of vanilla extract, it depends on how strong you want the smell."


15. Try using wax melts instead of candles if you're worried about burning your house down.

"They're like candles, but with no wick and you melt them instead of burning. They come in hundreds of scents, and there are indie vendors who make their own in special shapes and scent blends."


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16. Spring for a carpet shampooer for when a regular old vacuum just doesn't do the trick.

"Most houses have carpets. This is the best investment you can buy to keep your house smelling fresh. Mandatory if you have pets."


Get it from Amazon for $127.99.


All tips sourced from this Reddit thread and this one.

Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.