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    17 Pink Buildings That Will Make You Say, "I Want To Go To There"

    So you know exactly where to go on your next vacation.

    1. This prime example of Art Deco goodness in Hawaii.

    2. This surreal apartment building in Spain that looks like an M.C. Escher painting come to life.

    3. This regular old bank building in Slovenia that's not gorgeous and detailed at all, no siree.

    4. This glorious old pink mansion in Savannah, Georgia, that's also a fancy restaurant.

    5. Argentina's presidential palace, which is such a lovely shade of pink that it's called La Casa Rosada (the pink house).

    6. This Paul Smith store in Los Angeles, which is made to be an Instagram backdrop.

    7. This freakin' adorable Tudor-style house in England.

    8. This masterpiece of an apartment building in Chicago.

    9. "Don't mind me, I'm just part of an entire pink city in India."

    10. These twin apartment buildings in New York City that got a rosy upgrade.

    11. This charming little sidewalk café in Paris that Belle would definitely approve of.

    12. This pink-hued mansion of a hotel in Florida.

    13. This building in Germany that looks like it just crash-landed on Earth from another galaxy.

    Look at it!!!!!!

    14. This cute 'lil restaurant and bar in New York City.

    15. This grande dame of pink hotels in Hawaii.

    I want to go to there.

    16. This historic house in Charleston that's as cute as it is old.

    17. And this delightfully creepy-looking Gothic cottage in Connecticut.