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    17 Absolutely Stunning Engagement Photos That'll Take Your Breath Away

    Tons of inspiration awaits.

    Every year, Junebug Weddings chooses 50 pictures for its Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection.

    The 2016 collection features winners chosen from more than 5,000 image submissions from photographers in 35 different countries. Here are some of the most stunning photos:

    1. This dog whose parents are about to make things legit.

    2. This T. rex that doesn't stand a chance against love.

    3. These children at heart.

    4. This incredible view of the northern lights.

    5. These two, caught up in a world of their own.

    6. This heartwarming look at love and patriotism.

    7. This star-filled dreamscape.

    8. This alarmingly perfect mirror image.

    9. This mesmerizing view from above.

    10. This sweet and simple show of affection.

    11. This incredibly intimate portrait.

    12. This adorable candid capture.

    13. This proof that the golden hour is the best time for photos.

    14. This gorgeously romantic moment.

    15. This awesome photo that makes us all feel tiny.

    16. This embrace that's straight out of The Notebook.

    17. And this otherworldly snapshot.

    Click here to view all of the Junebug’s Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection of 2016.


    The photographer of #17 was not properly credited at first. We regret the error, and have fixed it.