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17 "American" Foods That People Outside The US Are Super Jealous Of

As American as apple pie, cheeseburgers, and everything fried.

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On Tuesday, a Reddit thread asked, "People not from the USA, what 'American' food are you most interested in trying?" Here are some of best submissions:

1. Deep-fried Oreos, Snickers, funnel cakes, and basically anything you'd find at a carnival.

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"The stuff that looks like it might actually kill you. That stuff."


2. Crawfish boils.

"Not that my country doesn't have crawfish, but we don't have those crawfish boils. Those look like a lot of fun."


3. Corndogs.

"We've all seen them on TV, or in movies, but I'm still not sure I know what one even is."


4. Good old-fashioned American cheeseburgers.

Nickelodeon / Via

"There are a few places that serve this where I live. But as with most other 'imported' things here, it's a sham!"


5. Philly cheesesteaks.


6. Biscuits.

"As in 'biscuits in gravy.' We have nothing in comparison in the UK."


7. New York- and Chicago-style pizza.

Moviefone / Via

"I would love to go to New York, have a pizza, and then go to Chicago and have a pizza, just so I can join the discussion of who has better pizza."


8. Sweet potato and pumpkin pie.

"The stores only sell pumpkins around Halloween, and canned pumpkin is only imported from the US, and hence, expensive."


9. Po'boys.

"As a Canadian, I hear about po'boys. Some sort of sandwich from the South, I definitely would like to give it a try some day."


10. Meatloaf.

New Line Cinema / Via

"I've always wondered what it tastes like, I imagine it's like a loaf of bread that tastes like steak."


11. Lobster rolls.

"Here in Australia, those motherfuckers are expensive, so putting it on a white bread roll is kind of a waste."


12. Sloppy Joes.

"Cartoons and movies made it look really tasty."


13. Texas barbecue.

Columbia Pictures / Via

"Especially brisket."


14. Tomahawk steaks.

"I grew up in Korea and moved to the US when I was 13. We didn't eat a lot of meat in Korea but reading cartoons and whatnot, I always saw Americans eating giant steaks with a bone at the end. It's called cowboy steak or a tomahawk cut. At the earliest opportunity, I'm going to make one and eat it. I won't need any knife or fork either. I'll grab it by the bone and eat it just like in the cartoon."


15. Grits.

"What in the world are grits? As a Canadian, I always thought that 'grits' were the leftovers you have after eating at a restaurant. Apparently, I'm wrong."


16. Gumbo.

Disney / Via

"I'm really keen for some good old traditional Louisiana gumbo. The recipe sounds so difficult, though, and I haven't come across it on menus here in Australia."


17. Oh, and a homemade, complete Thanksgiving dinner.

"I've been to the States around that time and ate a Thanksgiving dinner, but it was a catering company serving food to over 1,000 people. While it was not terrible, it was mostly bland and made of pre-prepared food. But it made me want to try a homemade one with roasted and stuffed turkey, gravy, real cranberry sauce, and that weird sweet potato with marshmallow thing."


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