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16 Little Love Stories That Will Melt Your Cold Dead Heart

Relationship goals redefined.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the cutest stories about their parents and grandparents. Here are some of the cutest ones.

1. These truly lit parents.

"My mom and dad both had '77 Trans Ams and were cruising parking lots, because people did that in the '80s. My mom, being the badass that she is, stopped my dad and his friend to compliment their car. My mom's family grew weed, and my dad was a pothead, so when my mom offered them a smoke, they thought she was just the coolest. My mom says when she passed my dad the joint, she felt a spark and knew he was the one. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary."

—Hannah Kirkpatrick, Facebook

2. This couple that still has plenty of bounce in their relationship.

"So one morning while I was visiting my aunt and uncle, I heard shrieks and giggles coming from the rec room and I assumed it was my cousins. I went out there and it was my aunt and uncle having a ping-pong tournament in their pajamas while their children cheered avidly."

—Juliane Lily Albright, Facebook

MTV / Via

3. This real-life Wedding Crashers couple.

"My parents met at a wedding my dad crashed."


4. And this When Harry Met Sally story come true.

"My parents hated each other when they first met. They were working together and didn’t get along. My mom was supposed to fly out of town one night, but her flight was delayed. She called my dad and said she’d drive if he took her to dinner. They’ve been my couple goals since."


5. These grandparents who reunited on the other side of the world after WWII.

"My grandparents are from Holland and met during WWII when they were in their teens on a farm after being forced away from their homes. They became friends, but they had to say goodbye because my Oma’s mother was hiding from the Gestapo. Years later, after the war had ended, my Oma joined the Navy, and on her travels, she saw a shop with my Opa’s last name on it. She went inside and asked for him. It turned out it was his father's shop. She ditched her fiancé and eloped with him. They were together for over 50 years."


CBS / Via

6. This wordy, nerdy mom and dad.

"My parents are both giant nerds, and they’ve kept a Scrabble game going since the first time they played. Any time they play Scrabble, they write the scores in their lifelong game against each other."


7. These inventors of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

"My grandparents will have been married for 60 years this June. My grandma’s motto is, 'don’t get mad, get even,' so when my grandpa pissed her off once, she smiled and said, 'Just you wait, I’ll get you.' When he was in the shower later that day, she filled a bucket with ice, climbed on a chair, and poured it on him. The original ice bucket challenge."


FOX / Via

8. This mom whose marriage was blessed by a magic statue.

"My mom recently told me and my siblings that shortly after she met my dad, she secretly traveled to the infamous Khun Ya statue in her native Thailand and asked that she be blessed to marry this man she’d fallen in love with. The statue is also called grandma, or the mother of family life. She promised Khun Ya that if they were still together in 30 years, she’d return with her family to say thank you. We’re all going this summer."


Channel 4 / Via

9. This damsel in distress and her knight in shining armor.

"My parents met when my mom was on a terrible date and my dad — a stranger to her at the time — saw she needed saving. He went up to her, pretended to be her brother, and left with her.


10. This grandma who was an actual angel.

"My grandparents met when my grandma saw a man walking down her street in uniform. She assumed it was her father, returning from the war. In tears, she ran into his arms and kissed him on the cheek, but it wasn't her father — it was my grandfather, the one she would marry a few months later. He said she was an angel welcoming him home from war, and he fell in love instantly. They were married for almost 50 years, and even with his oxygen tank and walker, he made her breakfast in bed every day of their marriage and bought her a Hershey bar every evening."

—Dillon Toni Bryer, Facebook

New Line Cinema / Via

11. These parents who found love in a hopeless place.

"My parents met in a nightclub when my mom thought that my dad’s best friend was cute. He refused to give her his number because he wanted her to give him her number. My dad said, 'I’ll give you number,' and my mom wanted to spite his best friend, so she said she'd date him. They’re still together after 23 years."


12. This grandmother and grandfather who have always been rich with love.

"My grandparents had been dating for 81 days when my grandfather proposed at a red light at Pico and Hauser in Los Angeles and said, 'I won’t be able to buy you jewels or furs, but I think we’ll have fun.' They drove to Vegas that night and eloped. As my Grammy always likes to say, ''And then there WERE jewels and furs!' My grandfather jokes that if it’d been a green light, they wouldn’t be married."


Pixar / Via

13. These accidental classmates.

"My parents were hallmates in college. My mom was a sophomore when my dad was a freshman, and she was the cool art major to his nerdy biology major. My mom really paid him no mind until she accidentally signed up for a physics for science majors class instead of a physics for arts students class. My dad was the only person she knew in the class, and he helped her get through the class. After college, they lost contact until 20 years later, after each of them had already been married. They began dating long-distance, and it eventually all worked out in the end."

–Norie Wright, Facebook

14. This dad who's always been watching over his wife.

"My parents met when they worked at a Toys "R" Us as teenagers. My dad left a note on my mom’s windshield one night that said, 'I’ve been watching you,' in an attempt to flirt. My mom thought she was being stalked, so the next day after clocking out, she asked my dad to walk her to her car. Long story short, they’ve been married for 26 years."


Arista / Via

15. These parents who are all about celebrating.

"My parents were married on Dec. 10, 1988, and still wish each other a happy anniversary on the tenth of every month. My dad goes big when they hit a milestone month-a-versary. For 50 months, he got her 50 roses. For 100 months, he got her 100 Hershey kisses. For 200 months, he got her 200 balloons. And for 300 months, he framed 300 pennies with the caption, 'If I had a penny every time I thought of you…'. I can’t wait to see what he does for 400!"


16. And this grandpa who's the definition of crazy in love.

"My grandparents got married at 18 and 19, and recently celebrated their 55th anniversary. I was having a conversation with my grandfather one day and he advised me not to marry young. When I pointed out that he had done exactly that, he told me, 'You’re right, and I’ve never regretted it a second.'"


Submissions have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

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