15 Facts About Bathing Suits That'll Make Your Eyes Pop

    Why were bathing suits ever made out of wool?

    1. In Australia, tiny mens' Speedo bathing suits are called "budgie smugglers."

    2. The first bathing suits for women were more like gowns, and they were made out of heavy fabrics like flannel and wool.

    3. And some women, including Martha Washington, sewed lead weights into the hems of their bathing gowns to prevent the skirts from floating up.

    4. It was illegal for men to go topless on American beaches until 1937.

    5. And police used to monitor beaches and measure the length of women's bathing suits.

    6. Women used to change into their swimwear in wooden carts, which were then pulled into the water by horses so no one got a glimpse of their bodies.

    7. Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for indecent exposure in Boston in 1907 for wearing a one-piece bathing suit that revealed her arms and legs.

    8. But her suit design eventually inspired the first women's Olympics swimsuits in 1912.

    9. Up until the 20th century, women "swam" by holding a rope attached to a buoy because their swimming outfits often weighed more than 20 pounds.

    10. A company made a bathing suit out of rubber in the '30s called a "cloque"...that peeled off in the water.

    11. And another company invented a bathing suit for skinny dipping.

    12. The bikini got its name from Bikini Atoll, where nuclear weapons were tested.

    13. It was almost impossible to find someone to model the very first bikini.

    14. The inventor of the bikini said it couldn't be called that if it couldn't be “pulled through a wedding ring.”

    15. A bathing suit called the pubikini was once designed to show off a woman's pubic hair.