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    These Are The Hottest Wedding Trends, According To Pinterest

    Move over, mason jars.

    The warmer months are upon us, which means wedding season is just about to get started. Pinterest, aka the online hub of wedding planning, got in on the fun and rounded up its top trending wedding picks.

    Here are some of the most creative and exciting ones:

    1. Drip cakes.

    2. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

    3. Brunch weddings.

    4. Brides rocking their natural hair.

    5. Simple, elegant greenery details.

    6. Dusty rose in literally every detail.

    7. Printed bridesmaid dresses.

    8. Personalized drink stations.

    9. Tasty, budget-friendly taco bars.

    10. Grooms in dashing blue suits.

    11. Big, high-fashion statement earrings.

    12. Romantic fall weddings.

    13. Outdoor weddings in the mountains.

    14. Cocktail hours with food and drink pairings.

    For more ~inspo~, check out Pinterest's full 2017 Wedding Report.