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14 Perfect Halloween Costumes For People Who Just Had A Baby

The best kind of Halloween costume is one that's built for two.

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1. Strap your 'lil skydiver to your chest and let them go on a wild ride.

2. Pop your precious tot into a cozy box of popcorn.

3. Embrace your inner Walking Dead zombie...literally.

4. Tote your favorite animal on your chest for a Halloween safari.

5. Remind your bundle of joy that fish are friends, not food, with a Bruce from Finding Nemo-themed costume.

Mishay Stratton / Via

6. Or go all in with the ocean theme by dressing your baby as a gorgeous octopus.

7. Turn everyone's frowns upside-down with an Oscar the Grouch getup.

8. Run away with the cash, the baby, and the cutest costume with this easy-to-make outfit.

9. Show how your love for your child makes your chest burst with this Alien-inspired ensemble.

10. Get geared up in a life-size MechWarrior costume built for two.

11. Let your kiddo's hair down with an adorable Rapunzel costume.

12. Get caught in a literal spider's web of love for your little one.

Jamie Dorman of Jaydot Creative / Via

13. Dress your baby up as the cutest, most portable Tardis in the world.

14. And get all political with presidential podium costumes.

Megan Jeyifo / Via

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