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    11 Gifts We've Actually Received And Still Talk About To This Day

    You can never go wrong with a cozy blanket or slippers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of fancy, fine Sakura pens that stationery fanatics can't get enough of., Thomas L. Sandlin / Amazon User /

    "I'm a huge sucker for stationery. When I was a kid, I used to get excited for back-to-school shopping and would spend hours at my local Staples browsing the pens and notebook sections. When one of my closest friends gifted me this set of pens, I was filled with childish glee. Though I don't have essays to write these days, I do love to journal, write to-do lists, and send off handwritten birthday and thank-you cards like it's my damn job. I love the technical look of these pens — they look grown-up and like they belong in a proper art studio. Also, the colors are bold, their fine lines are good for both writing and doodling, AND they're pretty long-lasting. My friend paired these pens with a thoughtful, handwritten birthday note, and honestly? I'd be happy with some variation of this gift for every birthday from here on out." —Michelle No

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    2. A good-quality chef's knife that most people wouldn't think to buy for themselves.

    "For the first three to four years I lived on my own, I was pretty much broke. Working in entry-level media jobs and living in one of world's most expensive cities, I basically had enough money for rent, food, and the veryyyyyy occasional new outfit; what I didn't have enough money for was quality kitchen goods. Then one birthday my dad gifted me a knife — a good knife! He apologized for it being a 'boring gift,' but now, years later, I could not for the life of me tell you anything else I got that birthday. The knife, however, is still with me, still sharp, and still being used every single day." —Gyan Yankovich

    Get it from Amazon for $30.86 or a similar one from Jet for $25.20.

    3. A travel tea-infuser mug and some loose-leaf teas for high-quality, on-the-go tea drinking.

    Terri Pous / BuzzFeed

    "About three years ago, after continuous coffee-induced stomachaches, I completely switched over to tea, and I haven't looked back since. My coffee-loving family was supportive, though a little bewildered, the way they might be if I suddenly announced my intent to live in a treehouse for the rest of my life. Anyway, last year for Hanukkah, my oldest sister got me a tea infuser travel mug and some loose-leaf teas, which I immediately loved, even if I said to myself, What does she know? She mainlines coffee like it's going out of style.

    But you know what? That sister of mine is a smart cookie. The mug is the absolute best thing that's happened to hot liquid flavored with leaves since...ever?! It's so sleek on the outside, which hides how perfectly calibrated it is for looseleaf tea on the inside: It has a screw-on infuser that screws right onto the lid, which perfectly filters the leaves into the water. Also, the top locks, so even my highly clumsy self has never made this thing drip during my commute. Not only that, but oh my god, this keeps tea SO HOT. I actually don't even like my tea to be very hot — I'm known to top off a mug of it with cold water so I can actually, you know, drink it — but I love knowing that it'll still be nearly boiling if I forget to drink it for a few minutes or an hour. It's basically the most perfect travel tea mug ever invented. Plus! The looseleaf teas she gave me with it are so good, I'm planning on buying a whole new set of them when they run out. Tea FTW!" —Terri Pous

    Get the mug for $19 and the teas for $26 from David's Tea.

    4. A faux fur blanket for staying warm and cozy all year long.

    "Last year, I was gifted this faux fur blanket and I have probably used it every day since Christmas. It's so soft and cozy, plus it's cute enough that I leave it out on my couch year-round. And yes, blankets aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but they definitely get a lot of use!" —Kayla Suazo

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95+ (available in four sizes and 11 colors).

    5. A cute and functional clear pouch that stores all kinds of makeup and puts it proudly on display.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    "My friend Courtney gave me this pouch for my most recent birthday and I use it every single day. On the reg, this easy-to-clean beaut holds my go-to makeup. I also tote it along in my carry-on for toiletries when I fly. Maybe it’s not *exactly* TSA regulation, but I’ve used it about six times and no one’s complained. If you’re obsessed with pouches, this is a good one for your collection!" —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from for $14.

    6. A pretty sake set that makes it so sake can be consumed the way it's supposed to be.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    "I am, by all definitions of the word, obsessed with sake. So much so that for the holidays last year, both my own mother and my best friend bought me this five-piece sake set, unbeknownst to each other. They know me well. And of course I kept both. Sake party at my place!

    Sake has, over the past year or so, taken up permanent residence in my refrigerator, pushing wine out of the way to snag first place as my alcohol of choice for after-work couch-drinking. I'm a fan of it because of its mild flavor that pairs well with basically everything (including sushi, of course, which I order often), how smooth and easy it is to drink, its virtually nonexistent sugar content, and the cheap price tag on a bottle that seemingly lasts forever.

    Anyway, back to this adorable set: Each one comes with a serving flask (also called a tokurri) and four little cups so cute I want to pinch them. But I won't, because that's weird to do to a ceramic cup. And while I could easily sip my beloved fermented rice beverage out of a wineglass all year long, why should I, when this adorable ceramic set exists for just $10.99? And when imbibing is best enjoyed in the company of friends, and I have enough cups to accommodate seven of them? The entire set is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, which comes especially in handy in the winter, when warm sake = cozy AF vibes. Cheers!" —Emmy Favilla

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    7. A chic scarf that's way more cozy than it deserves to be.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    "Hi, my name is Katy, and I usually do not look cute in the wintertime. I live and breathe fashion, but I have never mastered the art of looking nice while also being dressed practically for the elements. Thus, for too long, my fabulous outfits were buried under bulky coats and threadbare hats and scarves. But no more.

    For my birthday last year, my mom got me a beautiful, oversized leopard print scarf from Asos. It’s so soft and luxurious, you’d think it was from somewhere really fancy. Other than the fierce animal print (which totally works as a neutral, btw), my favorite thing about it is how it looks chic no matter how messily I throw it around my person. Somehow, it just looks ~effortlessly cool~, which is not a term that can usually be used to describe me. Plus, it’s insanely warm and so big that it can even cover my ears on a blustery day.

    It was such a simple gift, but one that was very my style and something I hadn’t realized I really needed. I think I also love it so much because it reminds me of all the adventures I had on my Christmas vacation last year. And thanks to this scarf, I looked stylish and felt warm during all of them." —Katy Herman

    My favorite scarf is no longer available, but Asos still has a huge selection of big, fuzzy scarves right now, many of which are under $30.

    8. A makeup organizer that actually organize all kinds of cosmetics for once.

    "The best gift I've ever received is this life-changing makeup organizer from The Container Store. Before I got this, I just kept my makeup in a huge pouch and was always frustrated searching for things. It's a modular piece so you can add to it as your makeup collection grows. Plus, the acrylic makes my vanity look super stylish!" —Adrianna Licitra

    Get it from the Container Store for $29.99.

    9. A pair of fuzzy moccasins that are impossible not to walk out of the house in.

    Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

    "Last year, my sister gave me a pair of these L.L. Bean moccasins for Christmas, and my feet have lived on cloud nine ever since. The inside is unbelievably comfy and makes my feet feel like they're being hugged by two lil' swirls of fluffy cotton candy. In case that wasn't clear enough: they're extremely soft!!! They're also super-warm and perfectly sturdy, despite my wearing them basically every cold day of the year (I honestly don't foresee needing to buy a new pair for a long time). Even though I mostly wear them around my apartment, the bottom, outer sole actually has traction, so you could wear them outdoors, too. Do yourself a favor and treat yo' feet (or someone else on your list!) to these snuggly slippers." —Tom Vellner

    Get them from L.L. Bean for $79 (available in sizes 7–14, in five colors).

    10. A Kimmy Schmidt–approved "Baby Slut" mug for all kinds of hot liquids.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    "Perhaps I just started calling my friends 'Baby Slut' (in a totally endearing way) as soon as I saw Titus’s glorious shirt in an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Or maybe that happened after my friend Fio gave me this coffee mug for my birthday two years ago. It’s really a chicken and egg situation. I drink out of it quite often at home, including all sorts of hot and cold liquids because I’m a responsible adult who doesn’t want to do dishes sometimes, OK? I can’t vouch for its dishwasher hardiness because I don’t have a dishwasher, but its logo has stood up to some serious wear and tear. There’s now an ~official~ NBC store mug, but I prefer my Etsy one." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from AppleCandyDream on Etsy for $7.59.

    11. And a weighted blanket that, in turn, gives the best gift of all, a good night of sleep.

    "My husband got me this weighted blanket because I have a hard time sleeping at night. I stress and fidget and move around constantly. Although I don't know how much of it is a placebo (which I'm fine with if it works) I find that this really does help me relax. If anything, it is extremely cozy to have something weighted on you. It also keeps you warm but not too hot. I've slept so much better since I've used it and like to cover myself in it anytime I get stressed and need a physical and mental break. Love love love!" —Mallory Mower

    This particular blanket doesn't arrive until after Christmas, but you can get a similar one from Amazon for $208.88.

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