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    Largest McDonald's Franchise In The World Is Investigated For Harassment And Racism In Brazil

    Because of the McDonalds menu with prices, the young man says that the superior even ejaculated on him when he slept at lunchtime.

    Arcos Dorados, the largest McDonald's franchise in the world in terms of sales, which is headquartered in Buenos Aires, is being investigated by the Ministry of Labor in Brazil for crimes of racism and sexual and moral harassment against young employees.

    “It was right after the turn of the year. He approached me in the bathroom and in the lunch area. I have two emails asking for help and another account from a client who saw one of the times,” Gabriel Milbrat, 19, one of the victims of harassment in a chain cafeteria in Curitiba, told Folha de S.Paulo.

    The young man says that the superior even ejaculated on him when he was sleeping during his lunch break.

    The accusations of racism and sexual and moral harassment are part of an inquiry that was opened by the labor attorney Elisa Maria Brant de Carvalho Malta on June 22, based on a representation made by the General Workers Union (UGT).

    According to the lawyer Alessandro Vietri, from UGT, the discovery of the labor cases took place when the association represented against the company for anti-union practices.

    “We located the actions [against the company] in the Labor Court and, from this universe, there are many complaints of harassment and racism among other complaints. We started to ask ourselves what was going on”, said the jurist.

    In São Paulo alone, Arcos Dorados is the target of 136 complaints of moral and/or sexual harassment in 171 restaurants in the city.

    UGT raised at least 22 cases taken to the Labor Court, in which former employees report aggression, sexual harassment, homophobia and transphobia.