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    • teresem

      Thank you for bringing suchamisunderstood topic to light. This country hasaterrible system set up for mental health patients. Most people don’t realize this until it affects someone they love. Asadaughter ofaman who has suffered from depression his entire life,Iknow the struggle that this mother goes through.Iapplaud her for bringing her son to the hospital. When you are in that situation, it’s the most difficult decision to make but it’s the best option. All the people on here, saying how terrible ofamother she is for bringing her child there, have no idea. It’s clearly more serious thanabehavioral issue. If everaday comes, when they have to help take all the guns/knives out of the house and bringaloved one to the hospital because they are threatening suicide, they will finally understand the issue at hand in the article. The health care system needs to be reformed to better assist people suffering from mental illnesses.

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