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    Your Ultimate Guide to a Healthier Skincare Routine

    We believe that what you put on your skin should be like a healthy, balanced diet for your face. Here is the perfect guide for Day time and Night time routine

    AM Routine

    Day Time Routine

    1.Cleanse your skin of all the impurities, dirt, and oil to make room for other skincare products.

    Cleaning your face is very important, especially if you wear makeup every day. How will you let other products penetrate your skin when there is already a layer of dirt and oil on your face? You will find many products in the market that promise excellent results, but not all of them succeed in delivering. So, here are some products that you can try for the best cleansing.

    Perfect for all skin types and an excellent choice for skincare lovers. Santeva Intense Clarifying Cleanser will help in taking all the dirt out of your skin and give you a clean base before putting any other product. Add this in your routine right away!

    Clarifying cleanser

    2.Time for some toning to rejuvenate your skin and shrink the pores.

    Many people consider toning to be an unnecessary skincare step, but little do they know about its effectiveness. Toner helps in shrinking pores and adding an extra layer of protection on your face. Not to forget how helpful it is in maintaining your skin’s pH for excellent skin texture and appearance.

    Lightweight, effective, and exfoliating – Pixi Glow Toner is everyone’s favorite for a reason. It’s a must-have!

    3.Repair and protect your skin with the help of an amazing serum.

    Serums are a new cool attraction for this generation, but for all the right reasons. One of the worst quandaries about buying a serum is ‘which one to buy?’ You will find plenty of serums in the market, but not all of them are for you. So make sure to buy the right thing for yourself to avoid any skin damage.

    Vegan Vitamin C serum is fused with antioxidants to exfoliate your skin and give you a natural glow.

    Infused with effective ingredients, Santeva Vitamin C serum is all you need to get your skin back on track.

    4.Now is the time for moisturizing to bring your original skin back to life through hydration.

    No skincare routine is complete without a moisturizer, period. For better skin hydration, you need to add a good moisturizer in your skincare routine. No matter if you have oily skin or sensitive one, a moisturizer is a must for all skin types.

    Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel comes packed with hyaluronic acid that works magic on your skin every time you put it. So, why wait? Grab it!

    5.Put on some SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays.

    To seal your skin from the outer world, you need a good SPF lotion or cream for everyday use. Remember that SPF is not just for sunny weather; it should be your best friend in every season. Even if you do not go out, you should still wear SPF every day.

    Dries quickly, comes with SPF 30 and is infused with Vitamin C. The Body Shop Vitamin C sunblock is the perfect choice for anyone.

    PM Routine

    Night Time Routine

    1.Clean your face before going to sleep, so your skin can breathe and rejuvenate overnight.

    The night is an important part of the day when you can get the most out of your skincare routine. Using skincare products at night allows them to work for a longer time, so you can get the glow you need. Before applying any product, it’s important to get rid of all the makeup, dirt, and oil from your face. Hence, cleansing at night is also essential to allow your skin to breathe properly.

    Best for makeup removal or use on a bare face. The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser will soften your skin and will clean your pores in no time.

    2.Put on some toner again to detox your skin overnight. It will balance your skin’s pH to improve your skin tone and texture.

    Using a toner on your face at night will contribute to skin tightening and rejuvenation. Many people are of the assumption that toner steals the moisture of the face, which is completely wrong. A good toner can actually make your skin smooth and hydrated.

    ‘Mind Your Tone’ toner comes with soothing properties and is an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

    3.Again, time for some serum. The night is the best time for your skin to repair and build its shield against the pollutants.

    Night serums are an excellent skin care product, which you should never forget to apply on your face. If you are aging prematurely or your skin is not producing enough collagen, then a serum can do magic for you. However, at night, you should use a more robust serum that targets stubborn skin problems.

    Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Serum is one of the best retinol-based serums to be used at night to get rid of wrinkles and other aging signs.

    4.Up for some extra boost? Lay down and put a mask on your face to enjoy me-time.

    If you have time and you really care about your skin, then 10 minutes for a mask is a fair deal. Applying a face mask every few days will lock the moisture and give you the skin that you desire. Try out new and advanced masks in the market as per your skin type to get the best results.

    Face masks by Freeman are lightweight and affordable. The Freeman Honeydew and Chamomile Sleeping Mask rejuvenates your skin and keeps it moisturized. The antioxidants in the mask will hydrate your skin to the core.

    5.Hydrate your skin by putting the best moisturizer on your face.

    Again, moisturization is essential at night as well. Take a generous amount of moisturizer and apply it to your skin. The whole night is enough to hydrate your skin and make you look young again.

    Santeva Intense Skin Perfecting Cream is the best choice for all skin types. The thick consistency will work overnight on your skin to give you deep hydration.

    Skin perfecting Cream


    Make sure to follow a proper skincare routine to enjoy the best skin even in your 40s. What you do now will show you its results at an early age. So why wait? Grab all the items and start working on your beauty. Don’t miss out on the best products.