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  • Odd Nerdrum: Creepy Modern Masterpeices

    The dark, epic and haunting world of Odd Nerdrum has been transfixing art viewers for decades. The Norwegian figurative painter is influenced not by modern abstract masters but the old world gods; Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Goya. Nerdrum uses narrative images to achieve a dimly lit world of twisted characters.

  • Top 5 Rock N Roll Bios

    I know that many of you out there dream of a rock n’ roll lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about. The life of endless money, fame and a harem of men or women (whatever you fancy, I don’t judge). But if you are like me and can’t hold a note or play an instrument, then go ahead and live the lifestyle through these five autobiographies…. View Image ›

  • Before I Die: Rad Street Art in NOLA [pics]

    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the visions of masked all night parties and debaucherous behavior typically asociated with New Orleans have turned somber as the city works to rebuild from the tragedy. Powered by the unbreakable spirit of New Orleans inhabitants artist, designer, and TED speaker Candy Chang has created an inspired work of street art called Before I die in NOLA. View Image ›

  • Worlds Best Tattooist: Bert Grimm Vintage American Tattoos

    Legend and career tattoo artist Bert Grimm defined the Classic American style of tattooing. Alongside artists like Sailor Jerry and Don Hardy, he helped outline many of the tattoo motifs we see so popular today . Grimm was reported to have spent a year with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show and to have started tattooing as early as 1916. His bold style and years of work marked his own definitive style of American Tattoo art. View Image ›

  • Top 5 Street Art Books [pics] Only the Best from the Shelf

    ere’s the deal, I am a big lover of art, street art in particular. I really don’t know what it is that draws me to this rebellious art form. Maybe it’s the secretive nature of the artists. Or maybe it’s the jabs they take at modern society. Or it could be I just like interesting pictures. Whatever it may be, I find myself hooked and looking at every street corner in LA for new, interesting art.

  • Top Gun Avaitor Sunglasses Style

    When you think of aviator sunglasses, you may think of a scene from the movie, Top Gun, or maybe you think of your favorite band. But no matter what you think of, the theme of uber hip and cool always comes to mind.

  • Leather Punks [pics]

    Leather Punks Popularized by the British punk movements and then Studded, painted and ripped even more by the 1980s kids - leather jackets are a punk staple. This is a short collection of a few internet favorites and some real works of awesome. View Image ›

  • Http://www.voiceyourtemper.com/obsess-were-obsessed/indie-top-10-lists/598-best-teen-movie-soundtracks-of-the-90s-vol-1-clueless

    I didn’t get my first CD player until I was in 6th grade but the minute I did I ran to the nearest Sam Goody store to snag my copy of the Clueless soundtrack. I’ll admit that, being as I was 12 years old, Jill Sobule’s “Super Model initially lured me in” but after weeks of the disc being in constant rotation my mind was officially expanded.

  • Stylish Dancing With MNDR

    I love discovering new music. Nothing beats the feeling of listening to a song and falling instantly in love with it. But realizing you’ve just fallen in love with music while at a show, pretty much tops it all.

  • Throwback 1920 Hollywood Bar in LA! [5 Pics]

    The Spare Room is a swanky throwback bar that includes a game room and two bowling lanes. Designed by the Los Angeles-based Studio Collective, The Spare Room combines vintage style and that famous smokey Hollywood vibe. Take a look at the shots below, grab a gin and take the night off. View Image ›

  • Amazing Art from Styrofoam Cups! [5 Pics]

    Growth, process and size are all attributes artist Tara Donovan develops in her epic works. Donovan uses common everyday objects (straws, Styrofoam cups) to create organic mimicking masterworks. Take a look below at her time intensive process of creating cloud-like growths from simple cups. View Image ›

  • Top 5 Zombie Books!

    Zombies the ever-popular flesh eating creeps from the dead unsurprisingly make great reading. Below we have compiled our favorite top 5 books about zombies. Now I know many of you will say your favorite is left out - Stop crying. Add your favorites below in the comment section and if we really love them we’ll post them up here.

  • Big Hair, Big Style, Big Talent Amy Winehouse RIP

    Paying homage to the hottest of messes. We all know 27 is an ominous year for rock stars. It seems a good number of them have cut their careers and lives short 27 years into the game by way of heroine and booze. It’s always the ones with the most talent, the most to say, that go. There’s no getting around it, it’s a total bummer. When Amy Winehouse added her name to the 27 Club roster, I was sad though not surprised. She traveled a rocky road, which is probably what made her songs cut to the bone. She was a true talent and a tortured soul and I will miss her very much….. View Image ›

  • Rockabilly Electro? YA!

    Rockabilly and electro? Say what? Summer is nearly over, but there’s still time to find yourself an end of the summer jam. If you’re like me and you want something different to get your head bobbing your feet tapping, then look no further than Drop the Lime.

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