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    40 Most Ridiculous Products You've Never Seen

    Crazy, useless, ill-advised products. And you'll want at least half of them.

    40. Handerpants


    Finally, underpants for your hands! Keep your hands warm and toasty with these stylish underwear gloves. These fingerless underwear gloves look just like real underwear and are made from 95% cotton, giving a comfortable feel while you parade around with men’s underwear for gloves

    39. The Boyfriend Pillow


    The Boyfriend Pillow will always be a shoulder for you to lie and cry on. This pillow is machine washable, includes the removable t-shirt, and also is a great neck pillow. Makes a great gift for the constantly neglected forever aloners or girls on the rebound.

    38. Laptop Steering Wheel Tray


    A real productivity booster. Great for the guy who needs to get a few emails out while driving 75 MPH on the evening commute. I've also found it's a perfect surface for chopping veggies. And with a knife in hand you'll be albe to fight off the motorists who want to kill you!

    37. Booty Pop Panties


    Baby got back! Finally the booty shaping underwear that the world has been waiting for. In Ancient Greece, Spartan women performed bottom kicking. They would kick their booty to make it bigger and firmer. So think of all the trouble you'll save yourself with these Booty Pops.

    36. Bow-Lingual


    The Rosetta Stone of dog language. This thing is so accurate it will shock you. After one crazy night with way too much 'sharing' I found out that my dog Pickles was actually harboring feelings for my buddy Pat. Nothing's been the same since. I curse you Bow-Lingual.

    35. Wine Glass Necklace


    There's a moment at every cocktail party, you need to shake someone's hand but you're holding six pigs in a blanket and a glass of wine. What to do? Well your troubles are over. Just let go of the glass and it's safe and sound in your own wine glass necklace.

    34. Solafeet Foot Tanner


    Ever had some crazy tan lines from your flip flops? Well now you can take care of that with the Solafeet Foot Tanner Model ST-400. This baby will even-out your most challenging areas and leave your bunions in a state of fake solar bliss.

    33. Connect One

    A great retro game has been re-introduced. Connect One is back! This is a wonderful game for beginners. Everyone can win and everyone deserves a trophy. A perfect game in these political correct times. Let's let every kid be a winner.

    32. The Daddle


    The Dad Saddle is finally here. The laughs will surely follow when dad straps on this baby and rides you around the living room. Unless you're fifteen....then it's creepy.

    31. Nasal Aspirator


    Baby got a few 'bats in the cave'? Just connect this tube and suck away. Your sweatpea will be breathing easier in seconds. Yummy!

    30. Miracle Berry Taste Changing Tablets


    Miracle berry is a fruit native to West Africa. When you eat it, your entire taste perception temporarily changes. Sour tastes become sweet and other flavors are altered. Taste-tripping parties are sweeping college campuses. And finally I can eat grapefruits for weight loss.

    29. Giant Swiss Army Knife


    Found one of these stuck in a stone while on vacation. Unfortunately, removing it made me King of Switzerland, which is way too much responsibility. Also, product note, they placed the toothpick in the middle, so using it will mean at least 160 stitches.

    28. Cat Scratch DJ Turn Table


    You might not know it, but cats are natural DJs. Now you can let Mr. Fluffums practice his wicked DJ skills while also keeping his nails sharp with these cat scratch posts shaped like turntables that will actually spin when your cat puts his claws into it.

    27. Car Eyelashes


    Add a touch of style to your headlights with Car Eyelashes. Tip: When it comes to applying mascara the number one rule is light layering. If you want to avoid clumps and unnatural looking lashes then applying 3 or 4 light coats is the only way to go.

    26. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl


    Who doesn't like a good crunch? Great for any dry to wet snack like soup and crackers, milk and cookies or cereal and milk. Now you can take your time with that bowl of cereal. Relax and go at your own pace with this Never Soggy Bowl. Bon appetite.

    25. Suit Pajamas


    Ever wondered what you'd do if you were called for a job interview at 3:00 AM? Well stop worrying. These Suit Pajamas are the officially licensed version of Suitjamas as seen in How I Met Your Mother, and are made from fine silk and cotton for a light and breathable feel.

    24. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser


    This over sized novelty nose shower gel dispenser is awesomely bad. Load it up with green shower gel, shampoo, face-scrub, or soap and you’ll have a tough time feeling like you’re cleaning yourself while squeezing out goopy liquid from a big nose to wash yourself.

    23. Doggie Doo Game


    The #2 game in Germany. If you can get the doggie to poop three times you're a winner! Feed and walk your little pup, if he makes a mess you clean it up. When you squeeze his leash makes a gassy sound that it gets louder and louder until plop.

    22. Automatic Laser Toy for Cats


    I'm a bit torn on this one. Seems like a game with no real outcome...only frustration. Hey, that sounds like my dating life. Anyway I fell asleep with this thing on the other day. The laser pointed at my face and Mr. Fluffems gave me a scratch on my chin that's still healing.

    21. Hands Free Baby Cuddler

    Let's face it, being a parent is hard work. And you've got texting to catch up on. You're also way behind on facebook and things are getting hectic. Now you can get back to that important stuff and your baby can be cuddled by two creepy disembodied hands while they sleep!

    20. Foot Undies


    The most breathable and comfortable foot underwear on the market. If you're a lady looking for barely-there comfort when you're out on the town, these Foot Undies are for you. Special lycra blend helps hide embarrassing Foot Undie lines and prevents hideous sole-wedgies.

    19. Beer Box Cowboy Hat


    Finally it's acceptable to wear a 12-pack box on your head to impress women. Men have been doing this for years and now it's been immortalized in a real, honest-to-goodness beer box cowboy hat. These hats are officially licensed and fit great.

    18. Virtual Bubble Wrap Popper


    What is it about popping bubble wrap that's so satisfying? Well now you can do it all day with your virtual bubble wrap key chain. Pop away.

    17. Goatee Shaving Template


    Worried about ruining that perfect goatee? Just bite into the Goatee Saver a remarkable new product that helps you shave the perfect goatee quickly and easily. Protect your flavor saver from errant blade strokes. Buy the Goatee Saver today.

    16. Fog Ring Blaster


    Once dubbed 'the most peaceful gun in the world'. This gun shoots fog rings up to 14 feet. That's right, fog rings. Shoot another guy's fog rings and they disappate for a very cool effect. Now someone needs to ask the UN to make fog guns the only suitable guns for warfare.

    15. Fingerstache


    Moustache elegance and roguery for your finger. These hilarious mustache stickers will surprise your friends and delight your blind date. Just when they think they've got you figured out, give 'em the finger with Fingerstach. Comes with over a dozen styles.

    14. Canned Unicorn Meat


    Unicorns are magical. They spend their lives spreading joy and pooping rainbows. But few people realize how delicious their meat is. Our unicorns live their days at a special farm in Ireland subsisting on a diet of candy corn and Guinness. The results speak for themselves.

    13. Superman Dog Costume


    Your dog valiantly defends your home, but if given the chance he would jump at the opportunity to fight crime in the streets! Now you can dress your dog up like the super hero he wishes to be with these super hero dog costumes – available in many different styles.

    12. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals - Liquid Soap


    Sometimes you're just not sure. Stressful phone call. A long glance out the window. Maybe just checking email. Did you accidentally touch your junk? Now you don't have to worry. This specially designed hand soap can help clean up your anxiety.

    11. Ab Enhancer


    So simple, yet so genius. Create your own 6 pack abs by squeezing your beer belly just a little bit. You can either wear this under your t-shirt for the appearance of a six pack OR you can take it off just before you hit the beach...the marks it leaves will look like a 6 pack.

    10. Foie Gras Gumballs


    Foie gras is good, but you usually have to endure the snobbery of a high class French restaurant to get some. So, for those evenings when you're craving goose liver but don't want to get off the couch we offer these Foie Gras Gumballs.

    9. Potty Putter


    Practice your short game while taking care of your business. This convenient little putting green comes with a short putter that's just perfect for the small confines of your bathroom floor. You'll be shaving strokes off your game in no time.

    8. Thongies

    The new diaper on the block. Avoid embarrassing 'diaper lines'. These diapers will make your baby look like a “hot mess” but probably won’t catch her hot mess. Yes, we know, Thongies are 100% wrongies.

    7. Body Contouring Sleeping Bag


    The Selk Bag is perfect for people who don't like being wrapped like a mummy in their sleeping bag. Also great when a bear is tapping on your tent and you need to take some quick action but still stay warm.

    6. Camel Toe Eraser


    Here's a brilliant product that's been waging war on the front lines for almost a decade. Feel more confident and fend off the camel with the Camel-Not camel toe eraser. A comfortable insert that's easy to install and looks great with any outfit.

    5. 80s Style Smartphone Case


    Remember how great the 1980s were? We don’t either! Now you can mockingly honor the decade known best for cocaine and bad fashion with this 80s style iPhone case that will turn your sleek iPhone into a bulky and cumbersome brick like device.

    4. USB Chain Saw


    USB gadgets are really evolving. Finally we have a USB-powered chainsaw. Works with Mac or PC. Not a toy, it's built with lightweight but strong alloys that give it amaizing power. Sure to bring havoc to the office. Come to think of it, I've always wanted a window in my cubicle.

    3. Finger Food Plates

    Handling food and drinks at the same time is tough. You can drink or you can eat, but it's pretty much impossible to do both. With our Finger Food Cocktail Plates you can tackle this dilemma with ease. Just slip the plate on your finger and you're ready to face any party challenge.

    2. Poop Soap Bars


    Wash your hands in the most disgusting way possible – with poop! These poop soap bars are a hilarious yet fully functional novelty item that will disturb guests in your home. And just like real poop, these bars of soap vary in shape, size, and corn consistency!

    1. Dora The Explorer Limited Edition Aquapet


    Can you imagine the product development meetings at Dora headquarters? I'd love to meet that crew of geniuses.

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