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11 Cats That Are Better At Hide-And-Go-Seek Than You

You see a lame box? They see an opportunity. Treat your playful kitten with a Temptations Tumblers™ treat!

1. "Hmm... My roommates hide the remote from themselves here... Can I fit?"

2. "You guys are making this too easy... We all know these books are just for show."

3. "Maybe this magical noise box is good for hiding."

4. "Scissors? Tape? Move over! No one will find me here."

5. "Science project? Nope."

6. "Mother always said people never check the most obvious spot."

7. "Cool fake houseplant? THINK AGAIN."

8. "I'll hide the longest because when they run out of food, I will be one full kitten."

9. "Who does this feline think he is? This box is taken, bub!"

10. "One should always hide IN their enemy's mouth."

11. "Away with you, FIEND! I will protect my hiding fortress until the bitter end!"

Bring your cats out of hiding to chase their favorite rolling treat — Temptations Tumblers™. #timetoplayball

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