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10 Things Your Cat Will Absolutely Destroy This Christmas

The beautiful decorations you put up every holiday are seen…pretty differently by your cat. Who could blame them for all the destruction when it’s this fun?

1. Your leaf circle.

"Why would a human even make a circle of leaves if it weren’t for scratching, honestly? They should’ve hung this on the door sooner, but they left it on the table, and now it’s mine."

2. All of the funny shiny balls.

"These things are clearly just for cats, otherwise they wouldn’t dangle so tantalizingly."

3. The rope of magic light.

"This tree has already been captured. Obviously, this rope of magic light is no longer needed and is now just for me to play with."

4. A ghost.

"This crinkly shiny papery thing makes weird noises and is clearly a ghost. The humans must be powerful if they can harness the ghost to restrain their boxes. I must destroy it."

5. Every pom-pom.

"Why is there all this weird red fabric attached to this pom-pom?"

6. The exercise companion.

"The humans are so kind to install this exercise companion, even if there’s no way it can outrun a mighty cat."

7. A nefarious tiny village.

"There is something deeply sinister about these small houses and humans. Much safer to destroy them."

8. Some nature?

"Why is this bit of nature inside? Why does it hang from the ceiling instead of being confined to a vase, like the rest of the nature the humans sometimes bring inside? Why does it make all of the humans laugh? It is clearly meant for cats to shred."

9. A new bed.

"All I wanted for Christmas was a new bed, and here it is. The human was talking about hanging this up, but that doesn't make any sense at all. It is clearly mine and will remain mine."

10. Indoor playground.

"Trees are for cats. This is how it is, how it has always been, and how it always will be."

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Illustrations by Tyler Naugle for BuzzFeed.