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    What Does A Peer Mentor Do?

    Living Learning Communities wouldn't be complete without their very own, one of a kind, Peer Mentor! Specifically chosen for each LLC, Peer Mentors act as your guide to on-campus living within your residence hall, major, and city!

    Has an impact

    Peer Mentors are known to be reliable sources of information and advice, but they're also great connections to keep throughout your entire college career. They're trained to help you grow and excel in your LLC and beyond. You're going to want to make a relationship with your Peer Mentor because they'll be able to open up doors for you unlike anyone else!

    Brings People Together

    Peer Mentors are experts at creating community! Whether it's a simple in-hall program or a trip that they've scheduled, Peer Mentors always find new and exciting ways to bring their floor together. Fostering relationships within an LLC is their specialty.

    Shares Your Passion

    There's a reason we have so many LLC's to choose from. Everyone has a different passion, and at Temple, each Peer Mentor is passionate about their LLC. They're involved individuals who are excited about learning. If you're excited about something LLC-related, trust me, they will be too.

    Cultivates Unique Experiences

    Living in an LLC is so much more than making friends, hanging out in your lounge, and going to programs. Peer mentors add another level of fun by cultivating a unique culture around your LLC theme. Because LLCs bring together people with a similar interest, they're able to tailor their programs to be more interactive within that field.

    Grow as a Leader

    Acting as a leader to 30 or more students can seem intimidating at first, but Peer Mentors learn as they go. Being able to adapt is an important part of the role and happens naturally over time. By the end of the year, Peer Mentors will be able to navigate the waters of leadership from advice, to programming and much more.

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