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    Temple UHRL's College Survival Guide: July Edition

    Highlighting the best parts of living on campus during the summer.

    Summer Housing in Full Swing

    Betsy Manning

    Summer housing in 1940 Residence Hall is in full swing! Residents are able to enjoy their utility-free living, right on campus. Rolling out of bed and into class is as easy as that. Even more exciting is the close proximity of the dining hall!

    MCPB Events

    Ryan S. Brandenberg / Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

    Looking for some awesome on-campus events? MCPB doesn't just plan for the school year, but also the summer. Check out their twitter (@TempleMCPB) for events like movie showings at the Bell Tower!

    Explore the City

    Betsy Manning

    Philly has an endless number of events and cool places to visit during the summer months. From carnivals to theater performances, check out this comprehensive list of all things Philly happening in July here:

    Food Truck Quick Stop

    Joseph V. Labolito

    Always wanted to try one of the food trucks, but didn't want to wait in line? Now's your chance to expand your palette without the 20 minute wait! Take advantage of all of the awesome food places on campus, while there's less people around to clog up the lines.

    Nix the train and grab an Indigo Bike

    Ryan S. Brandenberg / Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

    Located in front of Tuttleman Hall, check out the Indigo Bikes on campus. They're super easy to rent and use if you're looking to explore the city. Get some exercise while traveling to a part of Philly you've never been to before! With fewer people on campus, they're available almost all the time.

    Start Workin' on Your Fitness

    Joseph V. Labolito

    Classes may be closed for the semester, but TUF and IBC aren't! Remember that there is a completely FREE gym at your disposal all summer long. Take advantage of the pool or indoor track on an especially hot day. It's never too late to start working on your summer bod!

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