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    Our Guide To Navigating Campus

    At surface level, Temple's campus seems like a daunting task to navigate through - especially if you're new to the city. Expanding a little over five blocks from North to South and another five from East to West - Temple's size is just right with about a 10 minute walk across from any direction. This guide will help you with some of the colloquial terms utilized among our students and faculty, and in turn will make the walk from class, your residence hall, or your off-campus apartment feel shorter and more familiar.

    The Student Center

    Temple University ©

    Ah, The Howard Gittis Student Center one of the most visited if not the most visited to building on campus. Located on the corner of 13th and Montgomery, home to our wonderful Valaida S. Walker Food Court, Starbucks, many important offices, such as Diamond Dollars, and so much more - the Student Center is an epicenter of campus activity, quickly becoming a familiar building to visit for any new student.

    The Beach & Bell Tower

    Temple University ©

    Located in the center of campus, Beury Beach and the Bell Tower are some of the most popular places to hang on campus. During the warmer months, it's nearly impossible to find a place to sit because everyone wants their chance to soak up the sun. Home to many on-campus fairs and events, it's difficult to find a time when this area isn't bustling with activity.

    Seven Eleven

    Ethan Predmore

    Commonly referred to as 'Sev,' Seven Eleven is the choice convenience store for Temple students. With three locations within our campus vicinity (15th & Cecil, Broad & Diamond, Liacouras Walk), there is never a shortage of 24/7 taquitos and slurpees. Even when you think nobody is there for you, Seven Eleven always will be.


    Ethan Predmore

    To any new student, Narnia remains a huge mystery until one formally introduces you to it. But once introduced, it becomes one of the most colloquially referred to places around campus; and as one of the more quiet places on campus, it's a great place to sit back and enjoy a nice break between or after classes. Located opposite the front entrance of Beury Hall, Narnia is a quiet getaway from the large city that surrounds it.

    Anderson/Gladfelter Plateau

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    A lesser utilized outdoor space on campus, the Anderson & Gladfelter Plateau is a large serene area with plenty of space to stretch out and relax. With a great view of Polett walk and the Bell Tower it's a quiet place to get some work done and catch up with friends. And when it's nice out, some professors bring their classes out here to enjoy a beautiful day. Don't overlook it, it's a great place to relax.

    Temple Train Station

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    Located at Berks and 10th street, the Temple Train Station is the main hub for the campus commuters. With new updates like weather shelters, and Septa Key accessibility, Septa has made great efforts at the Temple station to make commuter's lives as easy as possible. Additionally, there is also a commuter student lounge just a short walk up Berks from the station for when the weather's just a bit too off to wait outdoors.

    Subway Stations

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    There are two main subway stations on the Broad Street Line at either end of the campus. On the South end of campus is the Cecil B. Moore subway stop, easily accessible to those living in Morgan, 1300, Temple Towers, The Edge and Beech International Village. On the North end of Campus is the Susquehanna/Dauphin Station that services the residents of White Hall, Johnson & Hardwick, and 1940. Being one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get around the city, the subway will quickly become one of your best friends.

    The Temple Gyms

    Temple University ©

    There are a plethora of gyms on Temple's campus - from TUF (Broad and Cecil), the IBC (15th and Cecil), the Fitness Mezzanine at Pearson and McGonigle (Broad & Montgomery), and the new STAR complex (Montgomery & 15th), you can have any type of workout you could ever come up with. After exploring the many options, hit up your gym buddy and pump some iron at your favorite location.

    Liacouras and Pollett Walks

    Temple University ©

    Liacouras Walk and Pollett Walk are two of the main streets going through campus that are inaccessible to vehicles. Liacouras Walk can be taken from Johnson & Hardwick all the way over to Morgan with stores, offices, and academic buildings aligning both sides. Pollett Walk starts at broad street and runs through campus past Anderson and Gladfelter.

    Peabody Lawn/J&H

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    Home to the iconic J&H Dining hall and one of the largest Freshman living communities, Johnson and Hardwick are some of the most recognizable buildings on Temple's campus. And out front are some of the best green spaces on campus, with a fully shaded lawn across, its a great place to sit out and do work while the traffic paces by. And right next door is the beautifully redone green space of the former Peabody Hall.


    Barry Halkin

    Located on the corner of 15th and Norris, the Temple Hillel is a lesser known building on our campus. Home to the Jewish Community on Temple's campus, here is where you can get one of the best bites to eat on campus with your meal plan - don't overlook it if you find yourself hungry on the north end of campus.

    Triangle Park

    Ethan Predmore

    Right on the corner of Broad & Norris is one of the larger, quieter green spaces on Temple's campus, known as Triangle Park. With a large open lawn, you'll find students tanning and relaxing here in the warmer months, also utilizing the beach volleyball court right next to it as well. It's also a great shortcut to get to the surrounding neighborhood just a bit quicker.

    O'Connor Plaza

    Temple University ©

    Home to our new owl statue, O'Connor plaza is a beautiful outdoor space on campus surrounded by trees and foliage. Walk down the stairs and you'll find yourself surrounded by one the largest Temple T's you will ever see, surrounded by diamonds that feature all of the colleges on campus. A great place to eat lunch, do work outside, or take an iconic Temple photo.

    Upper & Lower Morgan

    Temple University ©

    The Morgan Hall dining complex is home to some of the best eats on campus, with the upstairs buffet featuring just about anything you could want, from salads, to Mexican, Pizza, and everything in between. Take a walk downstairs and you'll be greeted to a brand new lower complex with new vendors to be announced!

    The Farmer's Market

    Temple University ©

    Located right next to Columbus park every Thursday from 2-6, the Farmer's market is a wonderful effort by the Office of Community Relations to bring easily accessible farm fresh food to the North Philadelphia community. Affordable and of great quality - there a fresh baked goods, produce, flowers, and much more! Be sure to bring cash to campus on Thursday's if you want to take advantage of this great community offering.

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