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    8 Most Common Interactions You’ll Have With Your Roommate

    Never had a roommate? Don't know what to expect? Here's 8 of the most common interactions that you're likely to have within the first few months of living together!

    “What does your schedule look like?”

    unsplash / Via unsplash

    It's always good to compare class schedules in the beginning of the semester. That way, you know each other's routines and can accommodate accordingly! This especially helps when it comes to sleep schedules.

    “Lights on or off?"

    unsplash / Via unsplash

    At 11PM, are you wide awake or fast asleep? Check in with your roommate to see if they're comfortable with the lighting! If someone is trying to go to bed, chances are they don't want a blaring light on in the background.

    “What are you doing this weekend?”

    Ryan S. Brandenberg / Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

    If you don't have plans, ask your roommate! This question also indicates whether or not you have the room to yourself all weekend. Make sure to keep in contact and see what's going on!

    “Do you mind if I have people over?”

    Joseph V. Labolito

    Checking to make sure it's ok to bring a guest over is so important! It's never fun to be the roommate who comes back from a shower to a stranger in their room. Be courteous of your roommate's space and simply ask before having guests over!


    unsplash / Via unsplash

    Everyone has the late night munchies at one point or another. Thank god 7/11 runs 24/7- where would we be without them?! Ask your roommate to tag along for the sev run.

    "Can I Borrow _____?"

    Joseph V. Labolito

    Everyone needs to borrow something at some point! Whether it's dish soap, a comb, or even a towel, expect to hear this phrase at least once while living with a roommate. Keep an open mind, but also have conversations with your roommate about shared items!

    "Lets walk to class together!"

    Joseph V. Labolito

    There's nothing nicer than having a walking buddy around campus. If it's your first year, this can also help while you're learning where specific buildings are located. Keep each other company and have fun doing it!

    "Are you homesick? Because I'm homesick"

    Joseph V. Labolito

    It's inevitable. Whether it's move-in day or three months into the school year, you'll miss your hometown at least a little bit- and that's totally normal! Chances are, your roommates feeling it too so be open and share. If you're both going through it, you can help each other out!

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